New Forspoken Deep Dive Explores Athia

A new deep dive video focusing on Forspoken explores the landmarks, creatures, and unique areas that Freya Holland will explore.

The latest Forspoken trailer reveals the interesting creatures and places Freya will find on her quest to save Athia and find her way home. From magical cats with wings to terrifying, gigantic monsters the deep dive video shows the beauty and terror that exist in Athia.

A new Forspoken deep dive focuses on the world of Athia that Freya Holland will have to explore. Using her magic-based movement abilities, she will find interesting landmarks, chase the Tantas’ Familiars, and explore labyrinths with terrifying beasts in order to unlock more of her powers and the secrets to Athia.


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Forspoken aims to diversify the ways the player will earn upgrades and stat boots through a variety of locations she will need her Cuff to find. She will find Monuments that harness some power of the Tantas that she can use to grow stronger. She will have to purify these Monuments from The Break to harness their power. Some monuments will have challenges attached to them called Flashbacks. The Flashback monuments are repeatable challenges that will have letter grades, to show the player where how much better they can be at the challenge. The Flashback Monument shown in this video seems to be a mix of a sprint and combat time trial event that reward Freya with Mana and other upgrade material.

The Tantas’ Familiars are cats with wings that hold magical abilities. They can be found at their own designated Monuments. Some Familiars seem friendly and approachable, others are more skittish and Freya will have to chase them. One of the Familiars in the deep dive video dashed away in a red mist, showing that they may hold magical abilities like Frey’s color-based magic spells.



Freya can also find Founts of Blessing, sacred areas that will unlock more of her abilities. Finding ancient literature in Athia will lead her to Spellcraft Challenges that will upgrade her magic spell levels. To complete Spellcraft Challenges, it seems players will only need to perform a certain amount of parkour abilities or combat moves to earn the upgrades.

Exploring underground Locked Labyrinths, Freya will face dangerous enemies and a ferocious final beast that will test her strength. Passing this challenge will give Freya new equipment. Freya’s downtime will consist of taking pictures of places around Athia on her phone and taking them back to the village children, finding coins in chests around the world to trade for important items, and playing a game called Partha that will give her temporary stat boots. These stat boosts will be useful in Combat Challenges with severely mutated beasts.

The variety of challenges, points of interest, and people to interact with in Athia hopefully gives that world more meaning and will help tell a rich story in Forspoken that players can feel invested in.

Forspoken releases on PC and PS5 on January 24, 2023.

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