New Final Fantasy 14 Raid Looks Like Windows XP

Patch 6.3 for Final Fantasy 14: Endwalker is releasing the next raid after Aglaia, but players were quick to point out its Windows XP resemblance.

Today’s Letter From the Producer for Final Fantasy 14 revealed a lot of things about the upcoming content patch for Endwalker, yet many players couldn’t help but notice its newest raid bore a striking resemblance to perhaps the most famous wallpaper of all time. Endwalker launched in December 2021 to critical acclaim, doubling the population of Final Fantasy 14 – with subscription numbers still steadily growing. Since then, it has launched two major patches in “Newfound Adventure” and “Buried Memory” that introduced many game-changing additions such as Island Sanctuaries and Variant Dungeons and looks to launch “Gods Revel, Lands Tremble” in early January 2023.


Though the new patch continues the story about the Thirteenth Reflection introduced in “Newfound Adventure,” it also furthers the plot of the Alliance Raid chain for Endwalker. The sequel to Aglaia is titled Euphrosyne and will have Final Fantasy 14 players go up against the Twelve once again, with many players speculating that Euphrosyne will feature Althyk, Nophica, Mephina, and Halone as the boss encounters. With the names being a reference to the Three Graces of Greek mythology, it can safely be assumed that the final wing will bear the name Thalia.

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As the developers showcased the new raid on the Letter From the Producer live stream, Final Fantasy 14 players were quick to point out that the golden fields of Euphrosyne had the same layout as the legendary Windows XP “Bliss” wallpaper. It didn’t take long for fans to whip up a Photoshop of the resemblance, and MrCombineSoldier was the first to share it with the Final Fantasy 14 community on Reddit.

Though the original screenshot of the new Final Fantasy 14 raid doesn’t quite have the fields of green visible on the default Windows XP wallpaper, the similarities were obvious enough for players to rally around. Much like Aglaia before it, it’s likely that Euphrosyne will feature two areas that correspond with the element of the deities that inhabit it. Bearing this in mind, the fields and the floating tree should represent the first half of the raid – being tied to Nophica and Althyk – with Halone and Menphina getting a more suitably icy domain.

In addition to Euphrosyne continuing the “Myths of the Realm” Alliance raid series, Final Fantasy 14 players can expect to receive another Deep Dungeon called Eureka Orthos, a complete expansion of the Island Sanctuary system, as well as the addition of 1800 new housing plots per server in Endwalker‘s upcoming patch. Given that each content patch of Final Fantasy 14 was traditionally accompanied by two Letters From the Producer, players can expect to hear more in the coming weeks before it officially launches in January.

Final Fantasy 14 is available now on PC, PS4, and PS5.

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