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In the article below, we’ll explain what’s new in FIFA 23: HyperMotion2, the FIFA Women’s World Cup, cross-platform play and more. If you’re new to the game, it’s worth checking out how FIFA 23 matches are played first. Go to the Login website and you’ll get access to streaming FIFA 23 matches in live mode without unnecessary formalities.

Women’s soccer in FIFA 23 and HyperMotion2 technology

Now you can play with women’s clubs in FIFA – new tournaments are coming to FIFA 23:

  • FA Women’s Super League;
  • French Women’s Football Championship;
  • UEFA Women’s Champions League.

On next-gen portals, dedicated HyperMotion2 motion-capture technology delivers realistic player movements in women’s soccer. Dedicated technology in an intense eleven-vs-eleven women’s match recreates women’s football in FIFA 23 with realistic animations based on the movements of real players.

HyperMotion technology has created over 6,000 jobs in total. new animations based on data captured directly from women’s matches, making FIFA 23 more responsive and realistic than ever before in terms of gameplay and player movement.

Stunning animations powered by HyperMotion2 create a natural transition between shots and ball control. Combining precision and fluidity, the longer, high-quality animation creates one continuous movement where the player receives the ball, turns around and hits the goal.


Career mode and FUT 23 system

You can make your soccer dream come true today. Any player can become a coach or a player in career mode. In the sensational FIFA 23, you can define your player identity, manage your iconic players and kick off your season in a new highlight mode in the most realistic FIFA career yet.

It’s also worth mentioning the FUT 23 system. This is a new single-player mode where you play short match segments and complete challenges by choosing your difficulty level.

FIFA 23 cross-platform mode

Cross-platform allows players to play with friends and rivals on different portals in various virtual modes in FIFA 23. In this game, cross-platform play will become available immediately in FUT Division Rivals (except co-op), FUT Ultimate Online Draft, tFUT Champions, Matches FUT Friendlies (except co-op), FUT: Game with a Friend, Virtual Friendlies, Virtual Seasons (except Co-op Seasons) and the Virtual Bundesliga cyber mode available to fans of this game from Germany.

When FIFA 23 first launches, cross-platform functionality will be enabled for every player as long as platform level settings allow it. Cross-platform play can be turned off at any time.

In FIFA 23, with the development of cross-platform play in FUT, the FUT transfer system will support cross-platform functionality. The FUT transfer system will now have a common pool across all platforms, with the exception of Switch and PC, which will continue to have separate transfer systems.


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