Multiplayer games that became e-sports


Playing live casino and video games is an art and among the fastest growing entertainment markets with changing times. In a decade, competitive video gaming has risen worldwide, with the business estimated to hit about $200 billion by the start of 2023. This growth has prompted many video game developers to convert different online multiplayer games into esports, hoping to expand their market base.

Here are six entertaining multiplayer video games that have become a massive hit in the esports market.

1. League of Legends

Created by Riot Games, LOL is simply the best multiplayer online battle arena game you can buy. The gameplay incorporates tower defense, real-time strategy and role-playing elements, a combination that sets it apart from other MOBAs on the market.

LoL’s accessibility is among its highlights, but it also offers complex core gameplay elements. The way cooldowns, unique abilities, skill shots and equipment work together makes LoL the face of MOBA games, outranking the likes of Heroes of the Storm and Dota 2.

In the esports market, Riot Games supports the League of Legends Championship series that features players worldwide. The tournament boasts of a $2+ million prize pool.

2. Arena of Valor

A multiplayer online battle arena game, Arena of Valor is a popular esports title developed by Timi Studio Group and internationally released in 2016. This mobile game has a similar premise to League of Legends, with two opposing teams fighting on a battlefield.

Thanks to its popularity, Arena of Valor tournaments are hosted across different regions every year. The game also has two annual championship tournaments, AoV World Cup and the AoV International championship.

  • AoV World Cup – AoV teams participate under their country’s banner, with the first event hosted in 2018 in Los Angeles.
  • AoV International Championship – Teams worldwide compete for their respective esports organization for glory and prize money.

3. Fortnite

Fortnite is among the best battle royale title to beat. In early 2020, Epic Games confirmed that Fortnite hosted over 12.3 million concurrent players in a record-breaking session. The game’s popularity has been off the charts, which has prompted its swift rise in the esports market.


This battle royale game title has a lot going for it, featuring approachable gameplay, an excellent construction system and bright graphics. The presence of microtransactions and iffy combat might detract from the experience, but the fact that it’s free-to-play makes it worth considering.

Fortnite joined the esports market in 2019 with its inaugural Fortnite World Cup, where 16-year-old Kyle Giersorf (Bugha) took home $3 million from its incredible $30 million prize pool. Epic Games have invested $100+ million in different esports competitions, although this multiplayer game wasn’t built to be an esports from the ground.

4. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Created by Valve, CS: GO debuted in the video gaming market in 2012 and it’s among the best online games today. The game was backed by the strong heritage of FPS multiplayer games, including the original Counter-Strike. Years later, this fast-paced multiplayer game holds its ground against modern titles, especially because of its active community and established core gameplay.

CS: GO is evidently showing its age, as it’s not as thematically rich as newer titles such as Overwatch. Still, many players enjoy the game’s no-frills experience, and it’s also highly competitive in the esports scene. That includes the Eleague Major, which features a $1 million prize pool.

5. Dota 2

Easy to learn, but hard to master! This phrase can describe many multiplayer games in the market, and Dota 2 is among them. Dota 2 is among the most popular MOBA games today, with over 780,000 active players worldwide.

Dota 2 tasks you with choosing a character from over 100 playable heroes to use on the battlefield, using the character’s play style, unique abilities and other physical attributes to help your team win.

This free-to-play MOBA gameplay proves inscrutable to viewers who aren’t familiar with its mechanics, but the Dota 2 International annual tournament features insane prize pools of over $30 million. The stiff competition in the tournament makes this game’s esports worth watching if you can spare the timer to learn the ropes.

6. Apex Legends

After delivering two excellent Tinfall games, developer Respawn managed to achieve the success it deserves with their smash-hit battle royale game Apex Legends. The game is set in the Tinfall universe and it lets you control the nimble mercenaries rather than hulking robots. You can also travel in between dimensions, cloak yourself or create holograms as mirages. Additionally, it features clever communication tools to keep your team co-ordinated.

Apex Legends has also gained momentum in the esports markets, with EA supporting major tournaments across the world. The Apex Legends Global Series is the most popular esports tournament for this title, featuring the Challenger Circuit and Pro League with a total prize pool of about $ 5 million.


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