Mobile Legends: The Promo Carnival Event Guide


The Promo Carnival Event is back in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. Have the chance to check it out and you will be rewarded with promo diamonds to use for your next purchase. A Promo Diamond is the in-game item and money offered for the first Double Eleven event and is now in the Promo Carnival Event.

It can be used to reduce an item’s Diamond price. Because the Promo Diamonds only cover up to ninety-nine percent of the entire item price, 1 Promo diamond is equal to 1 diamond, but you must have at least 1 diamond to receive the discounted item that you are planning to buy.

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In the new event present in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, it is possible to gain additional promo diamonds to use for future purchases. On the official Twitter of Mobile Legends, there is a guide on what to do in order to get more promo diamonds in the event “Promo Carnival”. If you have pre-ordered before the event then you would have a guaranteed 15 promo diamonds when logging in to start the game.

For the next tasks, first, you need to log in every day for the duration of the event to gain 20 promo diamonds per day, then next you can also recharge diamonds daily to gain extra 20 promo diamonds. Lastly, there is also one daily challenge to be completed in order to gain 20 additional diamonds. These daily challenges can be found in the image above. There is also an additional promo diamond chest when logging in on November 10, 2022.

So the way promo diamond works are that it acts as a replacement for the normal diamond that you would use in purchasing skins. Just like the diamond coupon of the past, if you have 600 promo diamonds and are planning to buy a skin worth 999 diamonds, then you would only need to pay 399 normal diamonds to the Mobile Legends skin shop to be able to purchase the skin of your choice.

Mobile Legends Promo Carnival
Image via MOONTON Games

However, you cannot buy a skin only using promo diamonds you can use it to cover the cost of the skin with up to 1 diamond left. This means you would need to still recharge for diamonds when taking advantage of the promo diamonds. Take note that the promo diamond is only usable from November 11 to November 16.

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