Mobile Legends Patch 1.7.32 Update: Hero Adjustments, New events and more


The developers at MOONTON Games have introduced another Patch 1.7.32 Update in the Advanced Server of Mobile Legends, where they have brought in a number of Adjustments for heroes along with some System Adjustments. Along with regular adjustments in every patch, these patch introduces two new events in the game, namely Aspirants Unite Event and new game modes which are introduced in the Arcade mode. Let us break down Patch 1.7.32 Update of Mobile Legends in detail.

Mobile Legends Patch 1.7.32 Update: Hero Adjustments

Joy (Nerfed)

Skill 1 (↓)

Magic Bonus: 120% >> 40%

Ultimate (↓)

Base Damage: 250-320 >> 200-300

Aulus (Buffed)

Image via MOONTON Games

The developers have been adjusting Aulus again as he was performing well above expectations after previous buffs.

Skill 1 (↓)

It is already in effect since the previous patch.

  • Bonus Movement Speed: 30%-45% >> 30%-50%
  • Damage Reduction against attacks from the front: 30% >> 20%
  • Cooldown: 10-7s >> 10s

Yve (Adjusted)

After the range on Yve’s Ultimate was reduced, she had to position closer to the battle and it became too easy to counter. Therefore, the developers are preventing the skill from being interrupted by CC.

Skill 2 (↓)

Developers have reverted the slow effect to the official server version.

Ultimate (↑)

  • Developers have reverted the slow effect to the official server version.
  • New Effect: Cast is no longer interrupted by CCs (excluding Suppression).

Mobile Legends Patch 1.7.32 Update: New events and more

Game modes

  1. Overdrive – Football Carnival will be available on the 21st of November, 2022 with new heroes and a map in Overdrive. Adventurers can also participate in Overdrive Field Match to claim the Harper “Lightning Envoy” skin.
  2. Deathbattle is returning to the Arcade after the update. It will be available on Thursdays and Fridays for the duration of this version. The developers will also bring back other popular modes with upcoming updates, such as Carnival, Hyper Blend and many more. Feedback and suggestions via the Mode Rating are featured in the Arcade.

Starlight Fest 2022

Starlight Fest 2022 will be available from the 21st of November, 2022 to the 6th of December, 2022. Players can participate in the event for a chance to get Lesley’s all-new skin “Hawk-eyed Sniper”, Starlight Fest Avatar Border 2022, “Lightning Glow” battle emote, “Return: Wings of Judgment” recall effect and other limited resources.

Aspirants Unite Event

Mobile Legends Aspirants event, Mobile Legends Patch 1.7.32 Update
Image via Moonton

Duration: 12/03/2022 – 01/04/2023

  • 50% OFF is set for the first Diamond Summon every day.
  • 50% OFF is set for the first 10 draws every day as well! (Only for the first 10 draws)
  • Players can get an Epic or better skin on the first 10 draws that they’ve not yet unlocked, which does not include Ruby “Mecha Maiden” skin or Angela “Cyber Cherubin” skin.
  • Players can get an Epic or better skin every 10 draws, and 1 Orb of Hope is guaranteed! Players should activate Orbs of Hope in the Hope Amplifier mode to hit Terrinia Boxes and unlock valuable skins.
  • Terrinia Boxes will first reward the Ruby “Mecha Maiden” skin, Angela “Cyber Cherubin” skin and epic skins.
  • Duplicate skins and battle emotes will be automatically converted into Pass Fragments. Every 30 Pass Fragments will be combined into 1 Pass which you can use to get a free draw in Aspirants Unite.
  • Passes and Pass Fragments will be removed after the event, so use them while you can.

Future Foreseen Return


  • Players should get a random limited permanent reward on their first 10 draws during the event, including Future Foreseen series skin, Battle Emote, Spawn Effect, Elimination Effect, Avatar Border or Sacred Statue. It can only be activated once.
  • 50% OFF is set for the first Diamond draw each day during the event.
  • Future Badges can be exchanged for various rewards in the Event Shop. Future Foreseen Recall Effects are exclusive to the Event Shop.
  • Event items, including Future Badges and Future Tokens will be removed after the event. They should use them while players can.

Mobile Legends Patch 1.7.32 Update: System Adjustments

In this section of the update, developers have introduced this set of System adjustments.

  • Developers have added a device vibration reminder for their turn to ban/pick.
  • Hero names are now shown in ban/pick by default, and the Hero List has been expanded for easier scrolling.
  • The new hero Joy’s theme song “Joy’s Joy” is added to the background music on the main interface.
  • Friend’s status feature now shows on their Arcade Mode.
  • In order to optimize and adjust upcoming live-streaming functions, developers are planning to remove voice and video call functions during live streaming in the near future. This will not affect the normal in-game streaming and spectating experience.

That’s all for the 1.7.32 Update in Mobile Legends!

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