Mobile games – what can you play on your phone?


Games have been a part of mobile phones since the early days, because we certainly still remember the legendary mat game, of which several modern versions have been made today. During the last few years, however, Pelimaailma has been able to witness games equipped with top technology.

An almost endless number of different mobile games open up in your smartphone’s app store, which are available for free or for a fee. In addition to this, the games are also available in a browser, which nowadays is hardly distinguishable from playing downloadable games.

Mobile games have developed rapidly

The selection of games on the phone varies depending on the brand and type of phone. A basic phone may have a few games, such as the aforementioned worm game, while a smartphone can already play video games and even use virtual reality .

Most of the games are made suitable for iOS and Android smartphones, so there are no big differences in terms of the offer, although on the phone itself, it is worth choosing a smartphone that is suitable for your gaming.

In addition to video games and retro games, it is possible to play casino games on mobile. The mobile-friendly online casino offers up to thousands of games, which often include slots, table games and live casino.

Augmented reality in popular mobile games

Reality and the virtual world are combined in AR technology, i.e. Augmented Reality. Perhaps the most famous mobile game using AR technology is Pokémon Go, where the player searches for pokemons in a combination of the real and virtual worlds.

AR games do not require additional equipment such as glasses or a controller, just a smartphone is enough. Augmented reality games appeal to many, as they add excitement to games with unpredictable things. AR games are often story-like and only limited by the imagination.

Virtual reality as part of modern games

Nowadays, mobile games have by no means stuck to augmented reality, but have been taken one step further, i.e. to virtual reality. There are several VR glasses compatible with mobile devices.

In the phone’s application store, you can find a long list of mobile games using VR technology, which take the player to virtual reality, all the way from underwater to space, or whatever you can imagine. VR games on mobile are an easy way to get a change from basic video games.


Hyper casual games appeal with their simplicity

Even though there are more and more games available that utilize great technology, players value simplicity in mobile games. To pass the time, for example, on the bus, you can choose a so-called hyper casual game, which is often free, but contains ads, and is simple and easy to play.

Simplicity by no means means boring or poor quality, but rather includes the functionality of the game, which means that you can focus on enjoying the game itself and not on understanding the instructions. The average playing time of hyper casual games is a few minutes.

It’s easy to focus on hyper casuals for a short time, stop the game and come back to it whenever you want. Good examples of these minimalist mobile games are various running games, building games and even those worm games mentioned at the beginning.

Why choose mobile games?

No matter what kind of games you play, it’s definitely worth at least trying them out on mobile. Often, one’s game arsenal accumulates games to be played on different devices such as a PC or game console. However, for many, games are also a pastime on business trips or even part of exercise.

Mobile games are suitable for any situation, because the phone can often be found in the pants pocket at any time, so the games are available at any time. Phone games are by no means limited to simple construction games and, for example, you can easily create a perfect gaming experience from your smartphone while on the road, even by adding a Bluetooth-enabled wireless controller to your gaming equipment.

Most of the games can be found completely free, although they often include ads. However, more and more people also want to play video games familiar from consoles on their phone, in which case they can often be purchased and do not have advertisements.

The popularity of mobile gaming is growing

It is not surprising that the popularity of gaming on the phone continues to grow, because this handy little device is always with you. Games played on the phone are suitable for playing from anywhere and at any time.

The range of mobile games is wide, which consists of traditional mobile games, but also video games familiar from game consoles, games that utilize VR and AR technology. Among the games played in a browser, the most popular are the games of online casinos.


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