MLBB New Legend Skin: Franco – King of Hell is coming soon


MLBB New Legend Skin: Franco – King of Hell is coming soon

MLBB New Legend Skin: Franco – King of Hell is coming soon


A new legendary skin is descending into MLBB. Here’s everything you need to know about it.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) is getting a new legendary skin soon. The legend skin is coming for the popular roamer, Franco, as he gets completely decked up with the skin. It’s called King of Hell and will be released later this month.

Everything about the new Legend skin in MLBB: Franco – King of Hell

The new legend skin for Franco is certainly breathtaking. Being a legendary skin, it gives a completely new look to the hero with a crown and purple fiery energy emanating from his body. His axe has also been changed with two dragons enveloped together in a deadly fashion.

Additionally, the King of Hell skin will bring a new animation for the hero. The animation shows Franco sitting down as he gets recalled back to the base.

The Legend Skin is also making changes to the animations of him using his abilities. His signature axe throw will now have a purple glow as you look to pull back enemies to attack.

The release date for the Franco-King of Hell legend skin in MLBB is Dec. 26 in the Magic Wheel, Moonton has confirmed.

The description of the skins says that he was “betrayed by those he trusted” and this made him turn into the King of Hell to get his revenge on the traitors.

How to unlock Franco – King of Hell skin?

Franco Legend Skin in MLBB
Photo credits: Kazuki Official on YT

To unlock the Legend skin for Franco in MLBB, players must use the Magic Wheel. You can find the wheel by navigating to Draw in the Shop Menu inside Mobile Legends.

It costs 270 diamonds to spin the wheel five times. You will need to get a Magic Crystal through the wheel. This Magic Crystal can then be used to unlock Franco – King of Hell or any other legendary skin.

Lots of events coming to the game as the M4 World Championship gets closer

While you wait around for the legend Franco skin to release in MLBB at the end of the month, you can participate in the upcoming events for the M4 World Championship. The M4 will mark the end of the current esports season with the top 16 Mobile Legends teams traveling to Jakarta, Indonesia to compete for $800,000 and the title of world champions.

The M4 Battle Pass is set to release on Dec. 20 and will be live in the game until Jan. 22. Through this, players can earn a lot of exclusive rewards which include the M4 Beatrix Stellar Brilliance skin, M4 effects, M4 avatar border, M4 Glorious Trail, M4 Graffiti, and more.


Besides this, fans will also be able to play MLBB to acquire M4 coins. These can be exchanged for other rewards in the M4 Event Store. Players will also be able to vote for their favorite team in the M4 World Championship and earn rewards for correctly guessing the winning team.

Thus, along with these events and the new legend skin for Franco in MLBB, the next month has a lot in store for players.

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