MIR4 reveals updates for 2023 in the Director’s Commentary video


Wemade’s Director’s Commentary: The Future of MIR4 video featuring PD Sung Jungkook and CM Yunyoung Choi, discussed the key improvements from 2022 and the major updates that will be introduced in 2023.

MIR4 offered cross-server content last year, allowing players to participate in more conflicts and gain fresh fighting experiences and amusement. The battle for Darksteel intensified via the Bicheon Heist, and the Tower of Black Dragon marked the start of the Domination Servers, which allowed players to team up with or compete against those from other servers.

MIR4 is preparing to undergo major changes in 2023. We look forward to your continued support for the ever-involving HYDRA and the ecosystem of MIR4

PD Sung Jungkook

Additionally, a brand-new gaming token called HYDRA was unveiled through Seoul Spooning 2022. In auctions or for trading in-game things, HYDRA is used. Items in-game can be bought with HYDRA Payments.

Additionally, it introduced NFT characters, developed a way for in-game characters to be used outside of games, and as a result, it produced the NFT character staking game MIRAGE, heralding the beginning of the inter-game economy. It was possible to use Darksteel and MIRAGE-obtained items in MIR4, which produced a seamless economic cycle in the game.

MIR 4 will introduce Darkest and the expansion of HYDRA in 2023

The subject for the future of MIR4 is New Experiences, and there are many changes happening. In the near future, a new region called Snowfield Area will be added. There will be plenty of new formidable monsters and fascinating tales in this brand-new, snow- and ice-covered region.

The Darkest, a new class, will finally join MIR4. Players will experience an entirely new style of gameplay and participate in numerous combats unmatched by other classes. The culmination of the new battle contents will be Castle Siege of Domination Servers when the strongest players from each server join forces to battle it out to become the rightful ruler for three weeks and Valley of Life and Death.

Expanded into the WEMIX environment, HYDRA from MIR4 will be used to acquire DOGMA, a governance token of MIR M. In addition to enhancing value, the expansion of HYDRA will also boost MIR4’s economy as a whole.

What are your thoughts about the updates to be introduced in MIR4 in 2023? Let us know in the comments below!

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