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Everyone loves pets, and Minecraft sure does satisfy the itch for cute animal best friends. There are great creatures and animals in Minecraft that can be tamed and turned into pets, each featuring a unique design, behavior pattern, and way that they interact with the player. The best pets in Minecraft are dependent on what the player is looking for out of an animal ally.

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Animals have a range of uses in Minecraft, from looking cute to fending off hostile mobs. There’s a lot of greatness in the many pets that can be found in the sprawling and endless adventures of Minecraft.


9 Axolotls

The axolotl is an adorable addition to Minecraft. These aquatic creatures were added to the game with Minecraft 1.17 and come in multiple variants of color. They can be taken from their natural habitat of the lush caves by being placed in a water bucket.

What makes the axolotls interesting is the fact that they are a passive aquatic mob, but that they hunt other aquatic mobs like fish. Sadly, they can’t hunt for Minecraft‘s ore distribution. The problem with these creatures is they don’t harbor much use other than looking cute and adding some tropical life.

8 Foxes


Another cute animal in Minecraft is the fox. The fox comes in two variants, either the red fox in the taiga biomes or the snowy fox in the snow taiga biomes. To make them even cuter, foxes can hold items in their mouths, and carry them with them wherever they go.

Foxes also have unique attack animations, in which they will pounce. They are also one of the rare mobs that will sleep. What makes the fox hard to obtain is the fact that only baby foxes can be tamed, and that’s only if they are stolen or orphaned from their parents.

7 Parrots

3 color variations of parrots from Minecraft next to a jukebox

The jungle biome holds many unique additions to Minecraft, and one of them includes parrots. This flying mob means no harm to the player and comes in five different variations of colors. The parrot is a pretty cute pet in Minecraft and can be tamed with seeds. It’s rather fun to walk around and explore with a parrot comfortably on the shoulder.

The parrots can kind of be annoying, as they will mimic the sounds of the closest hostile mob to them. This means that parrots will replicate the growls of zombies, or the hiss of creepers, leaving players on edge if their parrot is nearby.

6 Skeleton Horses

Minecraft Skeleton Horse

One of the rarest mobs in Minecraft is the skeleton horse. Many might ask how to tame the skeleton horse in Minecraft, and the answer is luck. Skeleton horses spawn more frequently in very hard difficulty through lighting strikes, meaning luck must be on the side of the player.

Although the skeleton horse plays more or less the same as the ordinary horse, the visual difference is too striking to ignore. Riding around in Minecraft on a skeleton horse is a cool addition. To top it all off, the skeleton horse can be ridden underwater, unlike the regular horse.

5 Llamas

Minecraft Llama Caravan

A mob that players may see frequently is that of the llama. Llamas are always followed by a wandering trader and for good reason. Llamas can be tamed and used to transport several items, making them act as a portable chest or a good seat. However, players need to be careful of their spit.

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Llamas are passive, but if attacked, will spit at the player, causing damage. Although players cannot use a saddle to control the direction of the llama, they can use a lead to make them follow, with a large inventory space ready to be used.

4 Donkeys

Minecraft Donkey

Another great passive mob that can be useful in Minecraft is the donkey. Donkeys can be ridden on with a saddle, taken with a lead, and carry chests on them to feature a small inventory of things for the player.

The fact that players can utilize a donkey as a portable backpack, and a free ride, makes them a great pet to have in Minecraft. Players can also breed donkeys and horses to make a one-of-a-kind mule, which acts the same as the donkey.

3 Cats

Minecraft Cat

Usually found in villages and swamp huts, cats are a wild and passive mob that acts rather scared of the player. Players will need to sneak with a fish in hand and allow the cat to curiously approach slowly so that it can be tamed. When tamed, not only are cats a classic pet of humans, but they feature great usefulness in Minecraft.

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Cats can be used to repel and scare off creepers and phantoms. This is incredibly useful to players that seem to always encounter creepers, or never seem to sleep to rid themselves of phantoms. Cats are great at keeping the player from exploding thanks to the creeper’s fear.

2 Horses

Minecraft Horses

There are many great ways to travel across the map in Minecraft. Some players innovate with rails, flying machines, and elytras. However, the classic way to move around is through the kinship of man and horse. Horses have been ridden by humans for centuries, and Minecraft is no exception.

Horses come in different variants, as well as different speeds, jump heights, and hearts. Each horse can be valuable and bred to create the perfect fast variant. Horses are a great pet in Minecraft, thanks to the fact that they can be ridden at great speeds with a saddle.

1 Wolves

minecraft wolf

Mankind’s earliest best friend has always been the wolf. People love dogs, and there’s a good reason for it. Their loyalty and unconditional love are what make them such good pets and friends, and the fact that they are fluffy and adorable helps. Dogs in Minecraft can be obtained by finding a wild wolf and taming it with bones.

Once tamed, wolves become loyal companions and will wear a collar that can be changed with different colored dye. Although the wolf only has one variant in Minecraft, it’s been mankind’s best friend for years in Minecraft and will continue to do so. Let’s just hope the wolves left behind in abandoned Minecraft realms remain comfortable and safe.

Minecraft is currently available on PC, macOS, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and Mobile devices.

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