Microsoft Xbox Game Pass: from High on Life to Lego Star Wars, Here Are All the Titles Coming to the Service in Dec 2022


The zombie survival story has now reached its final chapter, experience it firsthand as it lands on Xbox Game Pass today.

Get your delivery game on, as this title with ragdoll physics also arrives on Xbox Game Pass today.

Experience iconic moments from 9 Skywalker films through the world of Lego on December 6.

Sneakily unravel your neighbor’s secrets through this title on December 6.

Explore this fantasy world where three kingdoms are at war on December 8.

A fan of FPS and Metal Music? Then check out this game when it arrives on December 8.

The Sci-Fi Shooter made by Rick and Morty creator, Justin Roiland comes to Xbox Game Pass on December 13.

Manifest your inner alchemist for this title on December 13.

Get ready to drift, boost, jump and crash on December 15. 

This 2.5D Adventure-Puzzle-Platformer arrives on Xbox Game Pass on December 15.


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