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Greetings mechanics and tinkerers!

Merge those weapons together to stop the zombies in: Merge Rush Z



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Today I bring you a mix of idle and semi-active game. A lot of the time you are waiting to earn enough Z coins to buy a gun. You have a limited space so you must merge the guns as soon as you can. Everytime you unlock a new gun you gain blue gems that can be used to buy power-ups or the last two highest guns from the store. Sadly if seems I lost the store screenshot. You can click on the stop watch to pay gems or watch optional videos to get a 2 times coin boost. From what I can see, the store lists only 50 levels of guns. Once you reach this I am unsure what happens. This game appears to have a possible top end limit to number of levels.

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Clicking on the Prize Wheel, will bring up the daily spinner. Here you can get a few power-ups or currencies. You can also watch optional videos to gain even more bonuses.

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If you connect your email address to the game you can gain 500 gems and get updates for this game.

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Clicking on the calander will bring up this screen. Each day you can collect free premium gems. You can also watch a video to earn double the gems.

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Each day you get very simple daily missions that seem to reset every 24 hours. These will also give you free premium gems for the game. Sadly these gems have limited uses.

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When you click on fight, you are rushed by zombies. If your basic gun is upgraded enough you don’t have to do anything to pass the levels. If you get over-ran with zombies you can hold down the rapid fire button and you will fire many rounds off rapidly until you run out of energy then you have to let go to recharge your energy, or use a power-up to restore it.


four cogs

 4 of 5 cogs.

Overall, this game is just a start. It seems to be complete but it is very stripped down and could use a lot more to it. I would give this game a higher rating if it had more to do and see.


three cog 3 of 5 cogs.

Fairly standard zombie story. There isn’t a direct story but there is a hinting of some as you unlock and save more girls along the way. So far I only found 3 extra girls and I do not know if there are more to find.

Amount of ads:

no ad loop

 optional only

There are only optional videos in this game. No pop-ups to interrupt you except for a small square ad that pops up when you start the game that you can close off.

Accurate Advertising?:


From what I remember, this game has screen for screen recaps that do not contain any clickbait.


five cogs 5 of 5 cogs.

Chibi style art. This game really remind me of a mini-game and possibly has the same character from other Z-girl games


three cog3 of 5 cogs.

There is not much of a gameplay. Merging the guns and clicking the fire button is the only. Other than that, there is not much you can do in this game that is active.

Free play:


You can do everything in this game without paying any money at all.

Fun factor:

🧟 Zombie.

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