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Greetings mechanics and tinkerers!

Today we drive our steam-powered cars into town to become: Merge Mayor
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Today I bring you a nice merge 2 game where you only have to focus on matching 2 of the same item and not 3 or more to form massive chains of clutter. This game is very simple compared to other merge games and is a lot more chill. You become mayor of a town that is broken and needs to be repaired from the ground up.

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The main screen is the city map. It is a 3D voxel world even though the buildings have a lot more detail. You can move around the map to find each quest yourself or you can click the bottom-left of the screen to bring up all the current quests there are. You can click on the green play button to reach the main merge field like most other merge games. This game has 2 different currencies. Coins are used to buy landmark upgrades and Premium gems are used to buy extra items or used to unlock various things. I recommend saving all of these as you need them to open storage space, another part I will cover later in this blog.

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Let us get the boring stuff out of the way. This is the basic options page. Not much to see here.

4%20Screenshot 20220730 195713

If you click on the button on the far top right of the screen on the building, brings you to the shop menu. Here you want to grab your daily pack of batteries. You can save up these batteries and merge them into better ones to restore energy for free. Other useful things show up here as well as the token shop to buy those rarer items you need to complete a mission.

5%20Screenshot 20220730 201612

Clicking on the hat will show you areas with landmarks. From what I can tell, these landmarks affect how much your production items can create before running out of resources. These landmarks require specific items to upgrade and lots of coins. After that, it also takes time to upgrade these buildings as well. 

5.1%20Screenshot 20220730 195320

As you gain more hats, you unlock more passive rewards that will help you progress in the game. The one displayed here ties into the next screenshot.

5.2%20Screenshot 20220730 195411

The third tab has a daily reward. You want to grab this as this item must be dragged onto the board and clicked to collect everything you need to progress in the game. This is the ONLY way you can collect more parts of the production buildings, which are the most important thing needed to progress.

5.3Screenshot 20220730 195635

The last tab is a special vault. As you use energy and spend gems, a percentage of them gets stored in the vault. You ‘can’ buy it to open it anytime or you can save up these keys you find and merge them to open this vault for free.

6%20Screenshot 20220730 195212

Here is a quick preview of what a landmark takes to upgrade. You can click on an item to see what producer makes it. 

7%20Screenshot 20220417 062810

You click on the number with a circle around it to see your mayor level. This only seems to give you a bonus reward and doesn’t seem to affect anything else in this game as far as I’ve noticed.

8%20Screenshot 20220730 200113

Here is the main merge field. The objects with a yellow highlight are the buildings that produce all the different products. There is quite a bit of space in this game to work with compared to other games I’ve played and blogged about. The cardboard box will bring us to the last screenshot of this game.

9%20Screenshot 20220418 010003

This is the warehouse where you will store a lot of stuff to make space for merging rarer items. You have to clear away a lock and open a space to see what the next adjacent objective is. As you can see here there are a lot of locks that require gems to open.


five cogs

 5 of 5 cogs.


Overall, this game has kept me playing for a long time after trying it. This is one of my current top favorite merge games to play at this time.


four cogs

 4 of 5 cogs.

There is surprisingly a lot of story as you rebuild up the city. The story is simple but there are some random special missions that pop-up that give you some small behind the scenes building of the game from the devs.

Amount of ads:


no ad loop

    Optional Only

This game only has optional ads. You only have to watch an ad to gain free energy, up to 3 times a day or to upgrade the daily reward to gain more items.

Accurate Advertising?:


I only recall seeing the ad for this game maybe once or twice and this game doesn’t use any click-bait tactics to get people to play.


five cogs 5 of 5 cogs.

The graphics are simple but they all match the theme of this game pretty well. The only odd thing is the people are 3d Voxel while the rest of the graphics are not voxel-based.


five cogs 5 of 5 cogs.

Simple, Easy, and relaxing to play. This game has a lot to discover to keep you going for a while.

Free play:


This game is very generous to you. You can eventually unlock anything you need as you just play the game.

Fun factor:

🏬 Not so Sim City, but easier.

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