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Greetings mechanics and tinkerers!

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Take a seat and wait while the steam boiler cook up a meal at: Merge Inn
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Today I bring you a very simple merge game. This one is food themed and so far out of all the merge games I’ve played, it doesn’t hard sell you to buy land or other oddities. There are many micro transactions in the game as well as a couple of free daily. There are a few things to keep track here. The purple bar is your level. As you progress along the level you gain items that help you merge and create new foods. Energy is something in every game of this genre, though this game has a cap of 100 energy that can be recharged, it does recharge much faster than any other game of this time. Next is coins. This is the main currency you will use to expand your inventory space. Once you max out this space you can use the coins to buy energy tanks that give you a chance to refill your energy faster. Lastly is the premium currency the every popular blue diamond. This can also buy you 5 upgrade slots at a time (beyond the max buyable by coins.) or they can be used to buy other items you need, reduce time for item generators. There are many uses for these gems, note, in a recent update you can now use them in a new daily mini-game that replaces the daily spin wheel.

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The blue chech is a milestone check you unlock by reaching the different levels. You collect this to give you some items you need to progress through new challenges in the game as you beat levels. 

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As you complete orders (levels) you gain a star that is used to open this chest. This chest gives you even better rewards and needed items to progress through the story.

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When you click on the shopping cart, you open up the shop menu. You can collect free piggy banks here that give you coins every day. Note that the dail-spin wheel is no longer an option and a new daily system is in place (not screenshots available.) From here you can buy missing foods or things you need to progress faster.

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The second button on the bottom of the screen is the Collections button. This page shows you all the items you have ran across in the game and with that it will give you rewards for every stage you complete. The boxes with colored question marks are levels that give you blue diamonds instead of coins for unlocking them.

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The scroll button brings you to side jobs. These are missions that rotate out every couple of days and gives you a lot of things to do if you have spare energy from waiting for all your item producers to refill. The rewards can be very minimal for the effort you put in.

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Options screen and settings is the last button. Nothing fancy here.

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Here is the main screen. You start off with very limited space and you have to merge items together to start opening up the play field. As you level up this playfield neven expands. Because of this you will use the storage drawer to hold things you don’t need yet or completed items you have to hold onto to fill orders.

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You start off with 5 spaces in the storage area. You can spend coins or diamonds to expand this space. The price to buy a single space goes up exponentially. I have yet to find the maximum number of slots available to buy. There is a bug where when I updated to the current patch, that all the spaces I bought were removed, and I got the coins back for the amount I spent. I think this was because there was a cost rework for these slots.

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Here are the orders. Random residents of this area will visit you with speccific requests. Once you complete them you get experience, a star, and various items that help you unlock better equipment to produce foods from.

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Lastly, when you complete every order on the list you get puzzle pieces. These give you a small preview of the new items you will unlock in the future. As you do so the main screen will also change to this picture once you complete all the pieces.


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 5 of 5 cogs.

I am very suprprised by this game. It is very gernerous and this is one of the rare few merge games I acutally want to work to unlock everything in. Its a relaxing game where you don’t have to focus on doing some limited time events to get everything. You just play when you can or let it idle and recharnge and you can play all day.


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  0 of 5 cogs.

To be fair, there is no actual direct story here but there is a very loose one with the charachters in the game and the progression of levels. There isn’t a deeper meaning unless there is some hidden lore in each picture you unlock.

Amount of ads:


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 only optional

You have a chance to watch some optional ads for only a couple of small things. There is a very limited number of chances to watch ads so you really don’t want to stay online unless you watch ads to refill energy on reduce timers on item producers.

Accurate Advertising?:


I have only ever seen this game advertised once in a video Ad. From what I remember and the screenshots shown in the store, there is no clickbait. It is 100% legit game that doesn’t try to push you hard to spend money.


AVvXsEh18bTtKzjjBGLZEv jWQDQZKXnA0xgqrAgCEpiTMn34SV42HLhvg6 Xcp5U8QrDjs7gvCI0k16zcLFDtHKkntVap8EGWe6WN7F7B 6mWyHHPV4I3pSvaGNSrf5mIMuoZr5FzFHK7hYbHOrSHgPizpJe quDFnBkPtZoir1Km3UOYJO2ocyYUCDww 5 of 5 cogs.

The graphics are HD cartoons that remind me of early 90s cartoons. This game has a nice and relaxing style and the food will make you hungry. Do not play this game on an empty stomach!


AVvXsEh18bTtKzjjBGLZEv jWQDQZKXnA0xgqrAgCEpiTMn34SV42HLhvg6 Xcp5U8QrDjs7gvCI0k16zcLFDtHKkntVap8EGWe6WN7F7B 6mWyHHPV4I3pSvaGNSrf5mIMuoZr5FzFHK7hYbHOrSHgPizpJe quDFnBkPtZoir1Km3UOYJO2ocyYUCDww 5 of 5 cogs.

Byfar the best merge game I’ve played. It is chill and relaxing to play. There is no stress of what to do, you get ample space to do everything if you focus on orders one at a time. Due to randomness, you sometimes complete later requests due to some of the item producers creating 2 different branches of items.

Free play:


Very much so. This game is very generous to you and you can play as much as you want without hitting a paywall. This is a game I highly recommend to try out and play. Any one can easily play this game and make progress in it.

Fun factor:

🐭 Full of animals.

What can I say? I enjoy games that feature non-human charachters.

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