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MementoMori: AFKRPG is a role-playing video game, recently developed and released by the Bank of Innovation and DMM games limited. As the description of RPG (role-playing video game) suggests, it is a user-interactive and story-telling video game, that not only provides the user with a game but also a storyline. Here in this beginners guide, we will offer help to get you started on MementoMori: AFKRPG and then make your way further into the game.

Gameplay Overview

As a player enters the game, they will be enchanted by beautiful animated graphics representing a story about what the player, who is depicted as The Duke, has to do to help save the world from widespread evil. You will be starting out by listening to the story narrated by a character named Illya, who is a girl who provides the Duke with a group of girls called staff.

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You will have a look through all the features and missions of the game. Initially, you are equipped with an army of four girls and have to select your army and start a Boss Battle in the Quest section of the game in order to collect gold coins, EXP orbs, and kindling orbs. These rewards help you upgrade your obtained characters and buy upgraded equipment for the characters as you level up.

These upgrades are very important as you keep passing the levels, and the opponents get harder to defeat. With these rewards, we can purchase and develop our character’s strength and protection. This process gives us basic instructions about how the game works. After the tutorial, we have to keep playing the quests to unlock new levels and regions of the map.

Introduction to the basics of MementoMori

Character grades

The maximum grade that can be achieved by any character in the game is SSR and/or LR. Every character has up to four skills. Every character is assigned a feature called rarity.

  • Rarity: Rarity is a feature of the game which determines the character’s overall performance statistics. The higher the rarity the better. To increase the rarity of a character you need two or more characters of the same rarity type and the same soul type. But a few characters’ rarities which are N-grade with just a set of two skills, cannot be upgraded.
  • Level up and Reset: Increasing a character’s level means improving its repair of the existing damage, strength, and skills. You need gold coins, a kindling orb, and an exp orb to level up a character.


The equipment in the game refers to weapons, costumes, runes, consumables, and parts of gear. Players earn new equipment as the level grows. Players can also smelt old and unnecessary equipment into upgraded and new equipment.

mementomori characters-min
Image via Bank of Innovation


In the game, we have a feature called invoke. With this feature, we can get the characters we wish for. Prayers are a method of doing it. There are various prayers like the prayer of cursed, the prayer of souls, the prayer of friendship, etc, which help us invoke characters of different rarities.


This section of the game allows us to claim the rewards we have achieved. It also shows news about new features and developments in the game in the top right corner. Home enables us to see, claim and upgrade missions segregated on the basis of time (daily, weekly and main). It also has a section where we can shop for new equipment and connect with friends and develop our gaming community. It has a special feature called ‘Memories’. This feature allows us to look into the memories of the characters.

Introducing the Player Roles

There are three main roles in the game. These three main roles are constant throughout the length of the game. They are:

  • Duke: Duke is the chosen one, who has to protect the world from widespread evil caused due to curses. His primary duty is to guide, protect and empower a group of witches (staff), to fulfill his duty of saving the world. Players view the game from his point of view. Hence, whoever plays the game is the Duke.
  • Church of Longinus: The Church of Longinus is a group of people who believe that the eradication of witches will defeat the existence of curses and hence save the world.
  • Witches of Qlipha: They are a group of witches who constantly attack the staff. They are allegedly innocent witches who are being controlled to act in an impulsive and violent way (as per the storyline in the beginning levels).

Understanding the in-game map and features

 After the introductory pregame story, players are involved in exploring the game features with the help of the tutorial. While exploring we can see many features and sections within the game. The main map is the focus of the screen, in which we move forward with every quest battle we win. There are a few main sections in the game through which we can navigate to experience various features of the game.

in-game map and features mementomori MementoMori: AFKRPG Beginners Guide
Image via Bank of Innovation
  • Characters: This section of the game shows all the characters the players have unlocked over the course of their game.
  • Box: This section of the game shows us all the gear we collected as we played the game. It has a special feature in which we can smelt the old gear to create high-rarity gear.
  • Quest: This is the main gaming section of the game. Here you can see your progress on the map and play quests and conquer evil.
  • Trails: This is a section of the game which is described as the World of Trails and unlocks after clearing Quests 2-4. In this feature, the players have the option to play against bosses and go through different types of games and upgrades. The players receive ‘blessings’ by which they can make their staff stronger and better.
  • Invoke: In this section of the game that unlocks after clearing Quests 1-12, players can invoke the SR characters and gain rewards with diamonds.
  • Chat: In this section of the game that unlocks after clearing Quests 1-12, we can chat with other players all around the world and make private conversations with our friends too.

MementoMori: AFKRPG Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

Here are some of our tips in our MementoMori: AFKRPG Beginners Guide to help you, newbies, to kickstart your journey.

  • Follow through the story and tutorial carefully. A few important points are explained.
  • Participate in quest battles consistently.
  • After winning enough characters in your staff, select your army in the quest battle based on the level of the opponents and the power level required.
  • Don’t forget to consistently claim your rewards to make space for new missions and rewards.
  • When you gather enough gear, smelt the unnecessary gear to make advanced gear.
MementoMori AFKRPG Reroll MementoMori: AFKRPG Beginners Guide
Image via Bank of Innovation
  • Make sure all the characters participating in the quest are updated with the new equipment obtained.
  • Participate in trials as much as possible to improve your staff.
  • As the game goes by invoking new characters with the help of prayers
  • Keep upgrading the rarities of characters.
  • Build your community to have a better gaming experience.

Final Thoughts

If you are a player who is interested in role-playing games, this game is an impressive choice for you. The visuals are splendid. This game is eye candy, especially for anime fans. Altogether, this game is worth a try. Therefore, don’t hesitate to give it a try, and never forget to refer to this MementoMori: AFKRPG beginners guide for advice if you run into problems.

That’s all from us for MementoMori: AFKRPG Beginners Guide! Did you find our MementoMori: AFKRPG beginners guide helpful? Do let us know in the comments!

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