Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection Confirms Major Feature for Every Game

During Tokyo Game Show, Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection’s director confirms one major feature that will available in every game.

Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection is adapting the entire Battle Network series for PC, PS4, and Switch, as well as adding one major online feature to every game: online capabilities. For those who missed the original announcement, Capcom announced this collection at a Mini Direct over this past summer, and it includes every game in the franchise: Battle Network, Battle Network 2, Battle Network 3 Blue and White, Battle Network 4 Blue Moon and Red Sun, Battle Network 5 Team Colonel and Team Protoman, and Battle Network 6 Cybeast Gregar and Falzar.


At the time of their announcement, a few bonuses like a series of digital illustrations and a music mode were confirmed, but it’s been pretty quiet since then. However, game director Masakazu Eguchi, also known as Mr. Future, took the stage at Tokyo Game Show to talk a little about the Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection.

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It was a short and sweet confirmation that every single game in the Mega Man Battle Network series will have online support. Namely, this means that players will be able to participate in online battles and chip trading in each game. Previous games saw players need Link Cables between Game Boy Advance handhelds to participate in these, which are of course outdated at this point. The last games in the series, Cybeast Gregar and Falzar, released in 2005 after all, meaning this series is coming out roughly 18 years after the final game’s initial release.

It would not have been surprising if Capcom decided to forego these features entirely, instead of reworking them, but Mr. Future confirms that this online feature is something the studio is working on right now, meaning they’ll be ready come Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection‘s release date. This is a huge quality of life improvement for the collection and will likely bode well for its release, as it means fans won’t be trapped in a bubble.

There’s still plenty to learn though and plenty of time between now and 2023. It’s uncertain when in 2023 the collection will release, but Mr. Future did also promise that Capcom will share more details about the Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection “in a future presentation.”

Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection releases in 2023 on PC, PS4, and Switch.

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Source: Capcom (via NintendoLife)

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