Marvel Snap Infinaut Decks Explained


The Infinaut takes center stage during Marvel Snap’s Cosmic Power season, leading many players to include him in their decks to the dismay of others.

The wide variety of cards available in Marvel Snap has allowed players to create some very powerful decks that have seen a surge in use over the seasons. The current season of Marvel Snap pays tribute to one of the game’s most powerful cards and inspiration for one of its most fearsome deck types—the Infinaut. Since the Infinaut has seen a resurgence in decks as a result of a new variant being available in the battle pass for The Cosmic Power season, many players are looking for ways to deal with this card or even add it to their own deck.


Understanding the warning signs of an opponent who is about the play the Infinaut is the key to undermining their strategy. There is a specific deck setup that synergizes well with this card and the accompanying play style can be easy to recognize once players know what to look for. The power of the Infinaut in Marvel Snap matches that of the character in his comic appearances, and, much like the way he is stopped in the comics, knowing he is coming if the first step towards preventing total destruction.

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The Infinaut Almost Destroyed the Earth in His Comic Appearance

marvel snap the infinaut decks

Although not evil in nature, the Infinaut is a massive cosmic being who posed a grave danger to Earth on several occasions. Making his first appearance in Ultimates (Vol. 3) #9 by Al Ewing and Kenneth Rocafort in 2016, the Infinaut is an interdimensional traveler who is so gargantuan that he would destroy the Earth should he enter its plane of reality. In fact, he is so massive on a cosmic scale that ripples in space can be detected preceding his arrival and be used to pinpoint the location that he will appear.

It was thanks to these early warning signs that Dr. Adam Brashear, also known as the hero Blue Marvel, was able to detect and prevent him from entering this reality. Following the failure of his first attempt, the Infinaut would embark once again in an effort to enter this dimension with this attempt being stopped by Blue Marvel and his son using an anti-matter-powered rig to interrupt his arrival. In the years that followed, the Infinaut would launch six more attempts to arrive on Earth, each being prevented thanks to the work of Blue Marvel.

Preceded by a vision from the Inhuman Ulysses Cain, Blue Marvel and the Ultimates were given a week of forewarning to the Infinaut’s next attempted arrival. This gave the team enough time to build a Pym Particle accelerator that they then used to shrink the Infinaut down to the size of a human upon his arrival. By doing so, the Ultimates saved Earth from being torn in half by the size of the Infinaut and prevented the being from attempting to enter this reality again.

Grateful for allowing him entry to their dimension, the Infinaut revealed that he was not purposefully trying to destroy the Earth and was merely an explorer wishing to visit a place he had yet to chart. Averting this crisis took some careful planning, but in the end it proved that what was believed to be a catastrophic threat was only a curious interdimensional being. For Marvel Snap players, this character can also be a world-shattering threat or a harmless explorer depending on how well they prepare for his arrival.

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Breaking Down Infinaut Decks in Marvel Snap

marvel snap the infinaut decks

What makes the Infinaut so powerful is his colossal 20 Power—the highest of any card in the game—with the only drawback being that players cannot play the Infinaut if they’ve played a card on the previous turn. This means any player planning on playing him must forgo their fifth turn in order to play the Infinaut on turn 6, thus issuing a warning to opponents as to the card they are about to play and allowing them to set up countermeasures. This can be a dangerous gambit, but unsuspecting players will be left with little option to counter this strategy.

With the incredible Power of the Infinaut, he can often win a location single-handedly. As such, players banking on playing him on turn 6 to win the game should focus on locking down one of the other locations during turns 1-4 to ensure they can play their ace on turn 6. A great card to start off with is Sunspot who is a 1 Cost card with the ability to gain +1 Power for each unspent energy at the end of the turn. Since players won’t be playing any cards on turn 5 anyway, Sunspot can gain +5 Power in just one turn!

Another great card that can take advantage of a skipped turn 5 is Jessica Jones thanks to her On Reveal ability which gives her +4 Power if the player doesn’t play a card at the same location the next turn. Playing both Jessica Jones and Sunspot prior to turn 5 will give them a huge boost when skipping that turn. Jubilee is also a great choice for this deck as her On Reveal ability lets players play a random card from their deck, meaning it’s possible to pull the Infinaut from this ability allowing it to be played before turn 6. Since Jessica Jones and Jubilee are both 4 Cost cards, its likely only one of them will get to be played meaning players will have to choose the right card for the right situation.

Storm is a good card to lock down a location once it looks like the player will win there as her ability floods the location making both players unable to play any cards there after the following turn. This is also a great way to prevent opponents from playing the Infinaut if the player can predict where they will try to play him. Spider-Man can also be used to counter the Infinaut similarly with his ability to prevent the opponent from playing a card at that location next turn. When all else fails, Shang-Chi can beat the Infinaut with his ability to destroy all enemy cards with 9 or more power at that location—assuming the player can predict where their opponent will play the Infinaut.

Marvel Snap is available now for Mobile and PC.

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