Marvel Snap Hype the Hero event Guide: Details, Rewards and more


Marvel Snap has recently been crowned as the best game of the year 2022. The game is known for its consistent release of new events and seasons after a fixed interval of time. Also, the events launched are always loved by the players and yet too this keeps up the interest of playing the game inside the heart of the players. Recently, Marvel Snap came up with the very new Hype the Hero event for the month which has come with some fascinating features and rewards for the players. 

Marvel Snap Hype the Hero: Event Overview

Marvel Snap has allegedly come up with the web event for the month; Hype the Hero. Players can find out about the event in the news section. The event comes up with a Hyper meter in which the players have to increase their in-game points to level up in the Hype Meter and henceforth, they can win great rewards. After every certain meter level, players can unlock rewards such as at 10M points players will get 100 Gold, at 20M they will receive 150 Credit points, and at 30M and 40M points, players will win 200 Gold and a new hero card, Storm respectively

Marvel Snap Hype the Hero: Event Rewards  

Marvel Snap has also introduced some of the outstanding Variants of new and pre-existing cards with a pinch of uniqueness over them. These new unique animated cinematic cards and a lot to attract the player’s attention towards itself. This set of new variant cards includes:

Image via Nuverse
  • Black Panther and Storm card in a Noir Art style.
  • Introduced new Gambit and Rogue cards with the Saturday Morning Art style.
  • Chibi’s art style comes into play over Mary Jane Watson and Spiderman cards. 
  • Daredevil and Elektra get their pixel Art style Variant. 
  • The Animated Water Colour art style is assigned to Angela and Sera. 
  • The popular couple, Wanda and Vision, get themselves a Riso Art Style. 
  • Coran Kizon Stone’s Art Style is depicted through Mister Fantastic and Invisible Woman cards. 

Marvel Snap Hype the Hero event Guide: Tips and Tricks

The new Marvel Snap event, Hype the Hero has come up with various sorts of rewards for the players that are really beneficial and awesome at the same time. The game has introduced a Login Reward for the first three days of the event in which the players will get the new Storm hero card, 100 Credits, and 150 Credit points on the first consecutive first three days.

The game has also introduced four new Bundles in honor of the new event launch that includes many Variants of the cards that have been mentioned in the piece. The only information known for now is that players can get the Hearts Wild Bundle for $29.99. Hype the Hero is also set to introduce new hero cards as well and thus some of them are still kept in the shadows and are said to be announced later in the month. 

Marvel Snap Hype the Hero event
Image via Nuverse

The event also has some set of rules that will help the players to win even more of these hero cards apart from only Storm. By playing matches and receiving more Records, players can convert these Records into Cubes and get 2 new hero cards every week;

  • In the first week, players will receive Gambit and Rogue hero cards.
  • In the second week, players will come up with Invisible Woman, Doctor Doom, and Mister Fantastic. 
  • In the reported third week, players will win Spider-Man and Sandman cards.
  • At last, in the fourth-week players will again come up with Angela and Sera hero cards.

The best part is that players can win up to 100 Records per day that will get converted into 100 Cubes and thus they can receive the above-mentioned hero cards. The Token Shop has also come up with the new Black Panther card already which is available for 5000 Collector’s Tokens along with Namor and the Ghost Rider card. 

Final Thoughts

Marvel Snap has come up with yet another fantastic event for the final month of December. The event is full of great rewards that will surely help the players to make one of the deadliest decks of cards they ever had. This event is a web-based event where the players have to increase their meter readings by playing more matches and gathering points to get rewards such as Gold, Credit points, and new hero cards. Thus, jump into the news section and get yourself the best in-game cards and rewards to cherish your deck of cards and become the best player in the world of Marvel Snap. 

What are your thoughts about the Marvel Snap Hype the Hero web event? Let us know in the comment section below!

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