Marvel Snap Card Tier List for October 2022


Marvel Snap is a fantastic strategy-based card game presented to the world by Nuverse developers. It follows up with all the characters from the Marvel Universe along with different sets of abilities and powers that make the game quite interesting in this category. The cards are categorized on the basis of upgradable Ranks and Tiers, no Class is possible as it is a card game and thus hard to come through it. Fret not, we have summarized the cards from Marvel Snap according to their strengths in this Tier List.

Marvel Snap Card Tier List for October 2022

Beginners will start off with some of the few cards in the game and, thus they must be aware of the best cards they use at the early stage of the game so that they come up with the best Deck of cards. Follow up on the tier list to know about the best cards. The SS-tier cards are the best ones followed by S, A, B, C, and last but not least, D.

Tier Card
Overpowered (SS) Iron Man, 
Strong (S) Antman,
Good (A) Jessica Jones,
White Tiger,
Iron Heart,
Mister Sinister
Fair (B) Mister Fantastic,
The Punisher,
Weak (C) Quicksilver,
Poor (D) Misty Knight,
Marvel Snap Card Tier List for October 2022

Upgrading the Cards in Marvel Snap

Marvel Snap has categorized the cards on the basis of their Upgradeability. Every card starts off from being a simple Base card and goes up to being an Infinite card. Players need a certain number of Credit tokens and hero boosters to upgrade the cards to the next tier.

All the tier has different demand for Credit tokens and Hero Boosters so check out them and go for upgrading your card. The Tier List goes like this:

  1. Base 
  2. Uncommon 
  3. Rare
  4. Epic 
  5. Legendary 
  6. Ultra 
  7. Infinite 

Upgrading the Cards to the next Tier does not add up much to their ability or powers. The abilities and powers remain just like what they held from their initial Tier. The card changes its presentation such that it becomes a 3D and Animated card, the card gets a few frame breaks and changes at a certain Tier. 

1 point Cards – Antman

The 1 point Cards costs as mentioned, these cards are the most cost-effective and can be even used in the final turn as well. These cards come up with some of the unique abilities and powers that provide a boost to the overall point in a particular location.

Image via Nuverse

Antman is considered the best card at this card cost. The Antman card comes with the ability where the card comes up with extra 3 points if the player has played three cards already at a location. This is one of the best cards to play at the final turns as it has the capability to change the final result of the game. 

2 point Cards – Mister Sinister

As mentioned, this card costs 2 points in the match. These cards are said to be one of the best starters as they can behold the best abilities and come up with a great start.

Mister Sinister Marvel Snap
Image via Nuverse

Mister Sinister is the best card and thus worth the points. The card is best for being a starter as it has the ability to create a clone card of itself with the same power. Thus ends up making it a 4 pointer card.

3 point Cards – Mister Fantastic

The 3-point cards are best to use in the middle turns as they work as the best backup cards. Mister Fantastic is the best card under the cost of 3 points.

Mister Fantastic Marvel Snap
Image via Nuverse

The card has the ability where the user gets 2 extra points at its adjacent locations after it is used at a location. The card comes up with 2 points when used at a location and provides a maximum of 6 points if used at the middle location. 

4 point Cards – Jessica Jones

The 4-point cards are the best to use at the last turns as some of them come up with the maximum number of points at a location thus making it one of the most fruitful cards. The best 4-point costing card is none other than Jessica Jones.

Jessica Jones Marvel Snap
Image via Nuverse

The card has the ability in which if the player does not play a card at the location of Jessica Jones, then the card will increase +4 power making it 8 points from a single card at a particular location. 

5 point Cards – Iron Man

5 point costing cards are considered one of the trump cards that can just change the style of play and let you snatch the victory from your opponent.

Iron Man Marvel Snap
Image via Nuverse

Iron Man is undoubtedly the best 5-point costing card that has the ability to double up the total power at the location it is used. Thus, due to this unique feature the card is widely loved and used mostly on the 5th or 6th turn. 

6 Point Cards – Odin

The 6-point costing cards have the highest powers and abilities and thus end up thrashing the opponents by getting a lead at the location. The best 6-point costing card is Odin.

Odin Marvel Snap
Image via Nuverse

The card has the ability where it reveals all the remaining cards again making them perform their ability another time which helps in doubling up the overall point at a location.

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