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Without any doubt, Marvel Studios has changed the way the film industry creates superhero movies, especially after the release of The Avengers (2012), which brought together earth’s mightiest heroes. But Marvel isn’t limited to comic books or movies anymore since many game developers have taken it upon themselves to create fun and unique Marvel-themed video games like Marvel’s Spider-Man or LEGO’s Marvel Super Heroes 2.

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But, players can also unite their favorite superheroes or villains on their mobile devices thanks to games like Marvel Contest of Champions. In this Marvel-themed game, players take the role of a Summoner and must defeat other Summoners in intense one-on-one combat. But, if players want to be the best, they’ll need to have a roster of powerful 4-Star characters, which Marvel Contest of Champions has plenty of.

Updated December 27, 2022, by Daniel Dilena: The Marvel video game universe continues to expand with the release of Marvel Snap and Marvel’s Midnight Suns, each bringing a whole new type of gameplay for gamers to experience. And while MCOC hasn’t changed much in terms of gameplay, it has added plenty of other heroes and villains.

But, with so many new additions to Marvel Contest of Champions, some players may now struggle in completing certain mission nodes or fighting against them in the arena. New heroes like Attuma now pose a huge threat to even the top science champs in MCOC. That’s why we’ve expanded this MCOC tier list, so players can have an upper hand against powerful 4-star champions.


12/12 Korg – Skill

Marvel Contest of Champions Korg 4 Star


  • Rock Hard Thorns

  • Rocknado

  • Friendly Fire

Veteran MCOC players often recognize that Korg is one of the most annoying Champions to battle in Arena or Alliance Wars Defense, especially a Korg that is fitted with Defence Masteries. And that’s thanks to Korg’s Rock Shield Passive which causes enemy attacks to not deal more than 40% of their Attack Rating in a single hit. Furthermore, Korg starts with nine Rock Shield charges and gains one every 15 seconds.

Korg’s Passive alone earns him the right to be placed on this 4-star MCOC tier list, as he’s super tanky. But aside from his Rock Shield Passive, Korg’s Special Attack (Hey, take it, easy man!) cannot be evaded, making him the perfect counter for Champions that rely on evade like Spider-Man or Quake. Korg would be an interesting hero to add to a Marvel Snap Kazoo Sandman deck if he would have the same abilities.

11/12 Diablo – Mystic

Marvel Contest of Champions Diablo 4 Star


  • Arcane Innovation

  • Whelming Surge

  • Epic Experimentation

Most Marvel Contest of Champions players skip using a 4-star Diable due to his unique (and complex) Brewing mechanism. But, those few players that have mastered the art of alchemy can verify how powerful a 4-star Diablo can be in an Arena fight. There are four Concoctions that Diablo can brew: Emberboon (attacks deal a burst of additional Energy Damage), Counterflow (gain 110% of a bar of Power over 12 seconds), Lifestitch (increases Regeneration rate by 25%), and Ironskin (Gain +X attack and Stun Immunity).

As players can see, these unique Concoctions can turn the tide in any match, especially against stronger opponents. Diablo also has a useful Passive (Self Experimentation) that makes him take 35% reduced damage from Poison effects. Hopefully Diablo will appear in Marvel’s Midnight Suns since he’s already proven to be a powerful Mystic Champion in MCOC.

10/12 Iceman – Mutant

Marvel Contest of Champions Iceman 4 Star


  • Absolute Zero

  • Blizzard

  • Ice to Meet You

Unfortunately, Iceman is one of the least popular Mutants in Marvel Contest of Champions, mostly because there are plenty of other Mutants that are objectively better than him. But, Iceman has one of the best defensive Passives in MCOC since it grants him full immunity to Incinerate, Bleed, and Poison effects. On top of that, Iceman starts the match with Ice Armor, which protects him from attacks that would remove more than 5% of his HP.

In terms of Damage, Iceman’s Special Attack (Ice to Meet You) deals 2092 Energy Damage over 9 seconds. Furthermore, that Special Attack places the Coldsnap Status Effect on opponents, preventing them from evading attacks. Players can place Iceman with Magneto or Hyperion to gain the Synergy Bonus of +155 Critical Rating.

9/12 Black Widow – Skill

Marvel Contest of Champions Black Widow 4 Star


  • Subtlety

  • Graceful Barrage

  • Widow’s Bite

Black Widow is a 4-star Skill hero that deserves to be on this MCOC tier list thanks to her Subtlety Signature Ability, which reduces the chances of opponents using their Abilities. But, Black Widow can boost her Critical Chance and Damage by using her Special Attacks.

Furthermore, her 3rd Special Ability (Widow’s Bite) can stun (75% chance) enemies for 3.75 seconds, plenty of time to reduce an opponent’s HP to zero. Players can increase Black Widows’ Stun chance by having The Hulk or Hulkbuster on the team. Alternatively, players can increase their Critical Rating (+250) with Captain America (Infinity War) on the team.

8/12 Ghost Rider – Mystic

Ghost Rider fighting Civil Warrior in Marvel Contest of Champions.


  • Evil’s Bane

  • Judgment

  • Retribution

Players who enjoy using characters with flashy attacks that deal massive damage will enjoy using the 4-Star variant of Ghost Rider since he has arguably one of the best-looking abilities attacks in Marvel Contest of Champions. On top of that, Ghost Rider’s Passive Ability, Judgement, increases Life Steal with each attack, and once Judgement reaches a specific stack, Ghost Rider inflicts Bleeding with every basic attack.

But, of course, any character with high resistance to debuffs will render Judgement useless, and if players can land a debuff, they’ll struggle to win the fight.

7/12 Hulk – Science

Hulk fighting Hulkbuster in Marvel Contest of Champions.


  • Hulk Rage

  • Thunderclap

  • Worldbreaker

Even though the other Hulk variants (Immortal and Ragnarok) in Marvel Contest of Champions are better than the original Hulk (perhaps Insomniac Games can show players how well OG Hulk would do against Wolverine), his 4-Star variant is one that players will want to have in their arsenal of heroes and villains. And that’s because players can easily upgrade and dupe Hulk through the campaign and in-game events, thus reaching max level a lot faster than his variants.

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Nonetheless, OG Hulk still can take a punch in Marvel Contest of Champions since he’s one of the better 4-Star tanks in the game. Moreover, his Passive Ability (Fury) increases his base attack the lower his health is, allowing the player to counter-SMASH their opponents.

6/12 Quake – Science

Quake fighting Hercules in Marvel Contest of Champions.


  • Ricochet Pulse

  • Compression Wave

  • Epicenter

Players familiar with the Marvel series Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D will undoubtedly know how powerful Quake can be in the Marvel Universe, and Marvel Contest of Champions made sure to replicate her strength within the game. One feature that stands out the most is her ability to inflict the status effect Concussion, which lowers an opponent’s Accuracy Rate.

Not to mention that Quake will evade all basic attacks if an enemy has the Concussion status effect, making her a decent choice as a 4-Star Bruiser character.

5/12 Corvus Glaive – Cosmic

Corvus Glaive in Marvel Contest of Champions.


  • Atomic Fissure

  • Piercing Slash

  • Glaive Toss

One of Thanos’ henchmen, Corvus Glaive is a powerful 4-Star character that players should use if they already have other members of the Black Order. But, Corvus Glaive is unique compared to other characters in Marvel Contest of Champions since his strength relies on completing “missions.”

For example, Mission 2 consists of knocking out Tech characters during the fight, once defeated, all Tech characters have reduced Ability Accuracy until the end of the match. As players will notice, Corvus can prove helpful against specific enemy teams (Tech, Avengers, Skill, etc.) but falls short against mixed teams.

4/12 Daredevil (Classic) – Skill

Daredevil fighting Kingpin in Marvel Contest of Champions.


  • Stick Strike

  • Flash Kick

  • Deliverance

Most players overlook Daredevil since he doesn’t have fancy or powerful abilities, but in reality, Daredevil is a 4-Star character that can help players throughout most of the campaign and even some in-game events. And that’s because his ability, Deliverance, boosts Daredevil’s Evasion Stat making him dodge all incoming attacks for a short period.

So, players can use that skill to their advantage and pass challenging levels without suffering a casualty. But, of course, players will need to carefully time this move, so they can avoid the opponent’s Signature Ability.

3/12 Magik – Mystic

Magik in Marvel Contest of Champions.


  • Soul Strike

  • Severance

  • Singularity

Making her debut in 1983, Magik continues to be one of Marvel’s lesser-known heroes (and more than likely will never have a cameo in the MCU), despite being one of the strongest Mutants. But, Marvel Contest of Champions managed to recreate her, showing fans that she’s a force to be reckoned with. And while she doesn’t have abilities that deal massive damage, she does have the ability to Nullify buffs that enemy opponents may cast.

And the best part is that one of her abilities (Singularity) has a 100% chance of nullifying all buffs, and for each buff she removes, she gains increased ability damage.

2/12 Ronan – Cosmic

Ronan Marvel fighting Storm in Contest of Champions.


  • The Power Cosmic

  • Ray of Judgement

  • Edict

Ronan is among the most infuriating 4-Star characters players can go up against since nearly all of his abilities have a chance to Stun. But, Kabam didn’t stop there since Ronan’s Signature Ability (Edict) increases Stun duration for every buff the enemy opponent has, which can be deadly for characters like Scarlet Witch or Doctor Strange.

Unfortunately, Ronan doesn’t have Synergy with other characters, which means players will need to tailor a team that’ll exploit his Stuns. Some possible combinations may include Hela, Carnage, or Nova.

1/12 Blade – Skill

Blade in Marvel Contest of Champions.


  • Vampiric Immortality

  • Safety’s Off

  • Day Walker’s Wrath

Blade is perhaps one of the best 4-Star characters in Marvel Contest of Champions as he has plenty of team synergies players can use to increase his overall abilities. For example, players that use Ghost Rider in their team gain the Synergy Bonus of Spirit of Justice, which grants Ghost Rider a +50% chance to place a Judgment and expands Blade’s Danger Sense Ability to the entire team.

Moreover, for each Bleed status effect, Blade will immediately generate 8% of a Bar of Power, thus allowing him to use his Signature Move more often. Undoubtedly, Blade is one of the best 4-Star characters players can obtain Marvel Contest of Champions, perhaps even the strongest vampire in the Marvel Universe too.

Marvel Contest of Champions is available now for iOS and Android.

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