Maplestory Is A Pay-To-Win Game?

Maplestory: Multiplayer, NPCs, PVPs, bonus points, adventure, guilds, right hand on the mouse, left fingers stretched over the keyboard, eyes fascinated, hunched over the monitor, pleasure centres in the brain firing, euphoria from gained prizes, and bonus points.

Gamers paradise! I must say that the game MapleStory has had its fair share of me.

Since its release in 2003, the Korean role-playing game MapleStory has been a trending sensation in the world of 2D gaming, with different versions of the PC and desktop game for different regions and countries worldwide.

Players can talk to other gamers on the server.

Players form parties to hunt gargoyles and monsters and share their loot. They can also join guilds to make it easier to talk to each other.

It was a free-to-play game until about 10 years ago. Still, as with other games that Nexon has influenced, the pay-to-win feature took away a big part of the fun. This caused the overall game rating to drop sharply and the game’s popularity to drop significantly.

As with any business that wants to make money, new things are added to bring in more money for the company. Nexon, Asiasoft, and Gamania made the MapleStory multiplayer game. To make more money, Nexon, Asiasoft, and Gamania decided to implement “pay to win,” which did not go over well with the game’s regular players.

Yes, the pay-to-win feature is active here, and any player can easily keep buying until they reach the top. This is done through the normal server. You’d be the king if you had the greens. Does sort of stink, right? But, on the other hand, there is the Reboot server, which does not follow this Wall Street money rule for the good gamers. Yes! We’re gamers, but we’re gamers with honour, passion, and no money in our pockets.

You can also play MapleStory on the Reboot servers and get to the end of the game, just like people who pay to play on the regular servers. Still, it can take a long time that might be boring, tedious, and not very interesting in the long run.

Is This Now a Pay-to-Win Game?

To answer the question of whether or not MapleStory is pay-to-win, you need to explain how the Reboot server and regular servers are different from each other.

In December 2015, MapleStory added the Reboot server, a completely new kind of server different from the Normal server.

The Reboot server was made because players kept asking for a MapleStory experience where they didn’t have to pay to win. This is what the server gave them.

On the Reboot server, monsters have more health points than usual, which means they give a lot more Experience. Some rules say you can’t trade with other players and can’t scroll through their inventories. Only star force helps them improve and shows them what they could be.

But what’s more important is that on the Reboot server, all NX items that let you improve your weapons and gear, like miracle cubes, are bought with Mesos instead of Nexon cash, like on the Normal server.

This, along with the fact that you can’t trade with other players, makes the game go in a completely different direction, where getting Mesos from monsters is a very important task.

Reboot server

You don’t have to pay to win when you play MapleStory on the Reboot server. So, you can’t pay to change your character for the better.

You can also use NX to buy pets and other items that make your character look better on the reboot server.

Most people who play on the Reboot server have the option to buy a pet, which doesn’t cost much and lasts for 90 days, and do so because it makes the game more fun.

There is a chance that a boss will drop a pet, but that usually happens later in the game and takes a while.

On Normal servers, which offer the classic MapleStory experience, you can buy as many upgrades for your character as you want from the game’s cash shop, including miracle cubes.

If you play on the normal servers, MapleStory is pay-to-win because you can use the money to upgrade your character until you are good enough to take on the strongest bosses.

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Can You Win Without Spending Money?

On both the Normal server and the Reboot server, you can reach the end of the game without spending any money. Just don’t buy things. It will take a lot of time, but it will save money. This option costs no money, but you can only choose one.

How MapleStory has changed to make it easier to play for free

With the new features that have been added to MapleStory, people who don’t pay can now get things that they could only get before if they paid.

Two big changes have made it much easier for people who don’t pay to enjoy playing the game.

The Auction House makes it easy to look for and find things in the game. The Meso Market makes it easier to trade NX and Mesos.

Ultimately, this is all you need to know about the pay-to-win parts of the MapleStory game.

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