Madden 23: 9 Best Quarterback Cards In Ultimate Team


With the release of Madden 23, fans are eagerly anticipating the new NFL season that’s coming up. Regardless of how a team finished the prior season, NFL fans have hope that their favorite team has a legitimate shot at making the Super Bowl and hoisting the elusive Lombardi Trophy. Madden Ultimate Team is a card-collecting mode that allows players to build dream rosters comprised of current, modern, and historic players from every NFL era.

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Starting NFL quarterbacks are the most important position in professional sports, and it’s no different when playing the only NFL simulation gaming experience. Knowing is half the battle, so understanding what the best quarterback cards in Madden 23‘s Ultimate Team are is of the utmost importance.


9 Kenny Pickett (86)

The 2022 NFL Draft was a strange one that saw only one quarterback drafted in the first round. That player was Kenny Pickett out of Pittsburgh, who happened to be drafted by the Pittsburgh Steelers, a team that trained in the same exact facilities as his college program. Every year Madden rewards the top-drafted quarterback with a decent card in Ultimate Team and Madden 23 is no different. The Rookie Premiere program is home to this reward and features an 86 overall card of the University of Pittsburgh product Kenny Pickett.

8 Justin Herbert (86)

Despite a lack of team success for the Los Angeles Chargers in 2021, Justin Herbert’s sophomore campaign established him as one of the most promising quarterback talents in the entirety of the NFL. He managed to throw 38 touchdown passes and eclipsed the 5,000 passing yard mark.

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His 86 overall card in Madden 23‘s Ultimate Team is a part of the Core Elite program, meaning that it isn’t too difficult for people to get their hands on, provided they either buy enough packs or save up the necessary amount of coins.

7 Jameis Winston (87)

By now everyone has seen the Jameis Winston memes on the internet. Between “Eating a W” and the “Jameis 30-for-30” jokes, the reality is that he’s at worst an average NFL starting quarterback. Sure his turnover numbers in Tampa Bay were outrageous, but during his tenure in New Orleans, he’s shown a greater competency for the position and growth in both his maturity and decision-making. As part of the Team Affinity program, players can obtain an 87 overall card of the underrated New Orleans Saints’ starting quarterback.

6 Aaron Rodgers (87)

Coming off of back-to-back MVP campaigns it’s hard to deny the greatness of Aaron Rodgers on a football field, regardless of how you feel about him off of it. He’ll be facing his toughest challenge in 2022 with his number one weapon in Davante Adams now playing in Las Vegas for the Raiders. He’s getting older, and outside of Tom Brady, father time creeps up eventually, but in the meantime, Madden 23 players can get Rodgers’ 87 Core Elite card in Ultimate Team as it is part of the base Core Elite program that the game initially ships with.

5 Patrick Mahomes (87)

With Tyreek Hill being traded to the Miami Dolphins, there are plenty of people who now think Patrick Mahomes will be exposed without his favorite target. The truth is that Mahomes will likely turn one of his new weapons playing alongside his tight end Travis Kelce, into a premier wide receiver.

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An 87 overall is what Mahomes’ Core Elite program card comes in at in Madden 23‘s Ultimate Team mode, and it’s right behind the likes of Josh Allen. The two had one of the best playoff matchups of all time in a shootout that was resolved via a coin toss that broke the hearts of Buffalo Bills fans across the globe.

4 Trevor Lawrence (88)

Trevor Lawrence having an 88 overall card may seem like putting the cart before the horse, but Ultimate Team has always been a fantasy-based mode. It’s all about potential, and that’s where Lawrence’s Field Pass program card comes into play. He has solid stats across the board, and it’s a bit fun to experience the type of player everyone expects him to blossom into. The path ahead is full of optimism with the Jacksonville Jaguars hiring Doug Pederson as head coach in an effort to move on from the alleged wasteland that was the Urban Meyer era in gold and teal.

3 Josh Allen (88)

Since last season it feels as though Josh Allen is on an MVP award-winning trajectory in his career and it’s simply a matter of when he wins the award and not if. A man who stands at 6’5″ shouldn’t be able to run and move the way he does in the open field, and the idea that he also has arguably the league’s strongest arm is icing on the unfair cake. He stands as the highest-overall quarterback in the Core Elite program, and it’s no surprise considering what he accomplished last year despite falling short of playing in the Super Bowl. Those looking to lock him in as their starter in Madden 23′s Ultimate Team will need to either be lucky or willing to spend well over 300,000 coins as it currently sits.

2 Jalen Hurts (89)

The Philadelphia Eagles are what many consider to be a sleeper playoff team in the NFL’s NFC playoff picture, and part of that has to do with the assumed growth of their young quarterback Jalen Hurts. He currently has a Headliners program card with an 89 overall which makes him one of the best quarterback cards in Madden 23‘s Ultimate Team mode. His speed and agility plant him as a dual-threat weapon in the backfield. Anyone who enjoys playing other users online in head-to-head games better get used to seeing Jalen Hurts lining up at quarterback, provided he’s not impossible to get a hold of.

1 Joe Burrow (89)

Sure, Joe Burrow fell short of winning the Super Bowl last season, but he managed to lead a Cincinnati Bengals team to the championship game, despite their lack of any promise the previous season. He’ll likely never be the most physically gifted quarterback or throw the best ball, but he is the complete package of what any team could hope their franchise quarterback would blossom into. As part of the Team Affinity program in Ultimate Team, Joe Burrow has an 89 overall card that happens to have some of the most dazzling card art of any of the designs currently featured in Madden 23.

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