Ludwig Reveals His Choice for Content Creator of the Year


In response to the list of The Game Awards nominees being unveiled, Ludwig reveals who his choice is for 2022’s Content Creator of the Year award.

With The Game Awards just a few weeks away, the popular YouTuber Ludwig Ahgren revealed who he is personally rooting for to take home the Content Creator of the Year prize at this year’s show. Ludwig discussed this category and other topics concerning The Game Awards during the November 17 episode of “The Yard” podcast.

Ludwig himself has had a busy year of both content creation and strange situations. Between making the jump from Twitch to YouTube to begin 2022, starting his own line of high-end bidets, and dealing with controversies surrounding himself and other content creation, it has been quite an interesting time for the popular content creator.


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Even though Ludwig and his girlfriend QTCinderella are among the nominees for Content Creator of the Year, Ludwig said that his pick for this year’s award is Nibellion. Nibellion was a Twitter user that posted news, updates, and deals related to gaming and pop culture. Nibellion retired from using their Twitter account at the end of October after Elon Musk announced his intent to take control of the platform. In their last tweet, Nibellion said that they wanted to focus their time and energy elsewhere, and thanked everyone that followed them. Other nominees for the Content Creator of the Year category include Karl Jacobs and Nobru.

Ludwig said that Nibellion was a gaming journalist that was exclusive to Twitter, and was one of the best sources for news. Nibellion had over 435K Twitter followers at the time they stopped posting to Twitter. However, the Nibellion Twitter account remains viewable despite being locked down, in order to keep trolls and impersonators from using the Nibellion handle. Nibellion’s previous tweets are still visible to those that previously followed, and have been archived by numerous users.

Ludwig himself went against the expectations that he would vote for either himself or QTCinderella for the award. At the time of writing, QTCinderella has not stated who she intends to vote for, if at all. As for the show itself, The Game Awards announced its nominees in various categories during a stream on November 14. In addition to Content Creator of the Year, nominees for awards such as Best Esports Team, Best Community Support, and the coveted Game of the Year award are now available for fans to vote on ahead of the show. With games such as God of War Ragnarok, Elden Ring, Horizon Forbidden West, and Stray nominated in multiple categories, it remains to be seen how many of them will take home awards. The Game Awards will air live on December 8 on multiple platforms.

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