LPL: First 2 Days


At the Chinese League of Legends league LPL, the first 2 days are left behind. These 2 days were the first 2 days of the main seasons of League of Legends esports in 2023 and they showed us LoLespor we missed. The first 2 days full of action and surprises passed as follows:

First Day:

Team WE 2 – 1 FunPlus Phoenix


Team WE won the match, which felt like a fight between two middle row teams. We saw firsthand the difference between LPL and other leagues in the relatively competitive series. The excitement never stopped from the first minute of the first match until the last Nexus was destroyed in the series. Especially the counter jungles of Team WE in the early game and the pressure on the opponent with the decisions taken by the FPX side after the middle game was fascinating.

Starting off with their two rookies Shanks and Heng, Team WE showed a very good team appearance, especially in the early game. The counter jungle raids that Heng made in the early game, Iwandy’s Natilius and Hope’s reminder of how dangerous a marksman he is with Aphelios were important factors in Team WE winning the series. However, while the good aspects are dazzling, the facts that Biubiu can get lost in the match Heng was having trouble as a decision maker after 25 ~ 30 minutes, Iwandy wasn’t as effective as Engage supports with Enchanter supports, and Hope acted like he couldn’t adapt to the team, especially in the early game shouldn’t be forgotten.

On the other hand, FunPlus Phoenix (FPX) side had a very good series to see their shortcomings in the season they started with 3 rookies. Top laner Xiaolao playing 3 different styles of champions in 3 matches, showing mid laner Care as a player who can drag the match when properly matched, haoye did not leave the game despite being overtaken in the early game and that Lwx is still in shape gives good signals for the future structure of the team. While this was happening, Xiaolao’s performance was very dependent on the lane phase, Care’s failure to make the right choices about the champion pool and Lele’s “You’ve Got The League!” stunned by his beating showed itself as problems that this relatively young cadre needed to develop over time.

Invictus Gaming 2 – 0 Anyone’s Legend

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In the series, where the LPL broadcast had problems as an organization, Invictus Gaming started the season with a win by defeating its opponent in both matches. In the series the obvious problems of both teams were seen and for an undisclosed reason by Invictus, the team’s new transfer mid laner Dove was replaced by one of the team’s two top laners, neny. In the series, where Invictus Gaming was one step ahead, Anyone’s Legend side put their best effort into Invictus Gaming, but at some point they made critical mistakes and Invictus Gaming achieved the victory. But Invictus Gaming need to continue their work with the awareness that they may run out of breath after bringing it up to the minute 46.

Invictus Gaming got off to a relatively lucky start by facing Anyone’s Legend in Dove’s absence. They had a lot of trouble with YSKM not looking ready for the LPL environment, Gideon having problems in the early stages of the game with Viego pick in both games, and finding right moves to close the game. While it is hoped that these will be resolved with the arrival of Dove, it should not be forgotten that Dove was also top laner in the Liiv Sandbox roster last year. In addition to these, Ahn – Wink harmony, Neny’s very effective performance with Ryze and keeping his team alive, Gideon’s pressure on the opposing team in the middle game and late game, and the fact that Wink put his weight in the match and brought the match to his team quickly seemed to be positive aspects for the future of the team.

On the part of Anyone’s Legend, there is a total disorder. Totally incompatible with the SwordArt and the team, rookie mid laner Harder’s inability to show the required explosiveness in the match, Xiahao having situations where he needs to improve, such as focusing too much on jungle matchup in champion selection and playing Graves even though the opposing team has weapons against him. But on the other hand, the team also found positive aspects such as top laners Zdz appearing as a good laner and Betty making a difference with her position knowledge. The development of Anyone’s Legends, a relatively young cast, will be a must watch for LPL viewers.

JD Gaming 2 – 1 Bilibili Gaming

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The first match of Gen.G legend Ruler in LPL was JDG – BLG. In this match JDG managed to win even though they had some troubles. We watched a game that gave the right to the match of the day, which was more like LCK than LPL. Ruler left his signature with one quadra kill and one pentakill in the series while Knight dazzled with the difference it created.

Apart from that, we saw that BLG played on 369 in the series and JDG had a hard time responding to it. We have seen that while 369 won the two matches when he’s holding on to the game and they lost the second game of the series, which was 369 left behind from the game. Also in the team where MISSING is more focused on Enchanter support champions and after 369 was left behind, we saw that JDG’s battle-making skills were greatly restricted and Kanavi – Knight duo was interrupted.

On the Bilibili Gaming side, the newly established relatively ambitious team got a low grade in their first exam. While it worked well for them to make pressure on 369 and put Bin ahead, they weren’t able to prevent Knight’s picks and the did not put enough pressure on Ruler in teamfights. Jungler Xun seemed to blend in very well with the team and although Elk had a shooting performance; They ended the series with a loss due to Yagao’s inability to produce the extra positions that Knight found, Bin’s inability to use the advantage he gained as a team, and ON’s performance one click behind MISSING.

Second Day:

Rare Atom 2 – 1 LGD Gaming

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In this series We watched how much of a Xiaoxu-focused game LGD was, especially in the first match, which was memorable. In the struggle of the team, which is expected to be two middle row teams, LGD tried to gain an advantage with their playing styles that their opponent did not expect. Although Skarner’s selection in the first match succeeded and completely dominated the game, LGD side had to play their cards open with the composition they picked in the second match and the momentum passed in favor of Rare Atom at that point. In the last match, the teams had a standard selection screen and we witnessed Rare Atom’s take on the series thanks to the performances of Strive and Cube.

The Rare Atom side showed a great adaptation in the series and gave positive signals to its fans. Although the team is generally stuck in the middle ranks and they still has some lane problems and a lack of decision-making as personnel, they have made a good start this season with the material they have.

On the LGD Gaming side, we have watched from the very first meeting how serious the team’s problems in finding solutions in the game are. They do not give a chance to their opponents when Xiaoxu takes the lead and Meteor dominates the opponent jungler as a game, but in any case where the opposite happens, they go to the defeat between the struggles of Lpc. The fact that Xiaoxu also had a lot of trouble against Cube’s Jax in the two losing games is another bad sign for the team.

RNG 2 – 0 OMG


In the match, which clearly showed the difference in quality between the two teams, we saw that all of OMG’s corridors were destroyed and RNG made good use of it. The winner of the last 2 MSIs, RNG seems to have easily adapted Tangyuan and Bunny from their own acadamy to their systems and came ready for the new season.

Fans had question mark about what will happen after Xiaohu leaves the team, RNG has completely eliminated this question mark with their new players. Wei continues in his usual form as the flaming performance of the corridors captivates his fans. RNG, which we see that steps have been taken out of the system played since Xiaohu came to the first team,
looks like this season they again will be competitive on both LPL and international stage.

On the OMG side this match, while they are losing their lanes so heavily and can’t do anything, will be looked at as a match given to the top row team for the team that is expected to be the middle row team.

Ninjas in Pyjamas 2 – 0 Ultra Prime


Similar to the RNG – OMG series, the series ended with the victory of Ninjas in Pyjamas, formerly Victory Five. Ninjas in Pyjamas, who lost blood after Rookie’s transfer, showed their fans that they did not lose much with Dream’s rejoining the team.

Ninjas in Pyjamas, which was the winner of the last winter regular season, gave the signal to all its rivals that this season with its strong corridors and XLB’s ability to keep the pace they will again take its place at the top.

On the other hand, Ultra Prime, which has been in the league since 2020 and has not yet met the higher ones, looks like it will stay in the same places with the humble squad they have established this season.

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