LOL Patch 12.17: Best Mid Laners to Climb With


Best mid laners to climb with during the rest of season 12 as we reach the end of 2022 in patch 12.17.

Are you looking to gain some LP and jump a couple of divisions? Or maybe you are looking to find a new champion to one trick in a consistent fashion. If want to play and succeed in the mid lane in the current state of League of Legends, you should keep the meta in mind. Some champions can win you games by themselves, while others can make it very hard to climb. So here are some champions we believe will help you in your climb.


Viktor hasn’t got any changes this season, except the Durability Update, despite the fact he is one of the best mid lane mages you can play at the moment. Ever since his introduction to the League roster, Victor has been one of the best scaling champions and with the change to his Hexcore Updates, his scaling conditions are met much easier.

But if you’d like to pick up Viktor and learn how to best play him, you should get out of the mindset of being the safe pick that scales. Viktor is actually one of the most dominant laners in mid, especially during level 1. His self shield on his Siphon Power (Q) and easy to hit Death Ray (E) makes his trading patterns very favorable.

He is also very flexible when it comes to itemization as you can go any of the four mana Mythics without problems, and most of the Legendary items perfectly fit him as well. He also greatly benefited from the recent Stopwatch/Zhonya’s Hourglass changes. Since he usually doesn’t rush these items, Viktor doesn’t necessarily care for the price tag, but the increased AP on the items is greatly appreciated.


Ever since the durability update, mid lane assassins haven’t been too powerful. To relieve some pressure, Riot buffed all Lethality Mythics and added them some movement speed. As a result, Eclipse right now is one of the best items in the game and it is an item that Zed really likes.

Combined with the Lethality buffs, Zed also benefitted from Riot’s general buffs to the energy champions. Although he didn’t get too big of a buff, it was enough to push him to a very good spot.

One of the biggest advantages of Zed over other melee assassins in the mid lane is that with his spammable Razor Shuriken (Q), he is very safe sitting back farming and not getting poked. You can always pick Zed, farm for 1100 gold Serrated Dirk power spike and just all in for a kill. And with the newly added movement speed from your items, roaming around the map is much more easier.


Some might think Vex is a situational pick where you need multiple enemies with movement abilities so that you can get more value from her Doom ‘n Gloom passive. But while it is true that Vex is very strong against enemies who dash into her, she is also great if the enemy team doesn’t have too many tanks and Vex can get multiple resets with her Ultimate, Shadow Surge.

Vex also has great waveclear with her multiple AoE abilities so she is great at showing the opponent under her turret and roaming with her jungler. Any early kills Vex gets will be a problem for her enemies as she power spikes very strong with her first one or two items, even though she tends to fall behind in the very late game.

Keep in mind that while Vex is good at killing squishies, like control mages, in teamfights she can struggle to lane against them. Picks like Viktor or Syndra give her a very hard time as she doesn’t have the best range, which means you can show and roam. So try not to blind pick her.


Sylas was in a fine position most of Season 12, but after some Kingslayer (W) buffs and a general nerf to Grevious Wounds, he became one of the best mid laners to climb with. He became a pick/ban in pro play during the recent weeks, but that was contributed by the prevalence of Gnar picks in the top lane. Gnar doesn’t see too much play in solo queue, but with how much champion variety is in there, you won’t have a big problem to find Ultimates to steal.

Plus, Sylas at the moment is not as Ult dependent as he was before, one of the reasons why he is as good as he is now. After a very weak first early levels, Sylas has a pretty big power spike in level three or four, and if you can manage to get a kill in lane using this spike and Ignite, Sylas can snowball a game comfortably with only his three basic abilities.

Admittedly he got hit with some nerfs in patch 12.17, but they were only some base HP and one second down from your Chain Lash (E), which should not hurt as they aren’t the reason why you would pick Sylas.

There is also a new build you can try, with the first item Liandry’s Anguish and with the First Strike Keystone. This build gives you a lot more ability haste which Sylas loves, while also being much better if the enemy team has a beefier frontline.


If you are someone who watches high elo streamers, you will notice there are not many people who play Rumble. But once in a while, there comes an OTP Rumble player who just dominates his game. Why is that? I believe the only reason Rumble is not getting some sort of nerfs is that he is not a very popular champion.

Right now, Rumble has one of the best laning phases a melee champion can have. He doesn’t use mana so he is gated by it, he has a very low cooldown shield so you cannot poke him out of lane and his Electro Harpoon (E) cooldown is also low so that he can poke you down. Not to mention his insane base damages. When he hit six, Rumble can one-shot any squishy by using his Ultimate, The Equalizer, his Flamespitter (Q) and Ignite. And you would think with this good of an early game, maybe he falls off late? Fortunately, if you are the Rumble of course, he also scales great as his Ultimate CD gets near 40 seconds when he is 16.

Rumble’s current best build is Sorcerer’s Shoes rush into Hextech Rocketbelt, but after the buffs to the Night Harvester it is also a solid option.

Honorable mentions for patch 12.17

  • Diana
  • Vladimir
  • Zoe
  • Katarina
  • Talon

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