Legends Of Runeterra: The Best Relics For Jax In The Path Of Champions


Jax is one of the new playable Champions added to the Path of Champions PvE Lab Mode in Legends of Runeterra‘s Awakening update. It’s obvious that Riot is building towards some big world-building event in Runeterra, and this expansion is another step towards that. Alongside seven other newly playable Champions, Jax’s general tactics and starting deck incorporate a lot of the new Keywords, specifically Improvise and Equip.

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It’s a low-cost high-aggression Champion and Deck that is designed to swing at the enemy as quickly and as often as possible. Those who are interested in playing the new champion will no doubt want to learn which Relics work best for Jax in Legends of Runeterra, especially when leveling his Champion Level up.


8/8 Common Relic: Guinsoo’s Rageblade

First up has to be Guinsoo’s Rageblade, as it is a Common Relic that players can use right after unlocking Jax. It makes it that much easier for him to play (compared to some of the harder Champions) and it’s easier to get his Champion Level up.

Plus, since Jax’s Leveled card ability is based on how much damage the player has done, the Rageblade lets him Level mid-match even faster. In general, it’s a Relic that players can immediately use to get through the first couple of Adventurers, get the resources needed to Star-Up Jax, and go from there.

7/8 Rare Relic: Troll King’s Crown

Now, it might seem a little confusing to hop from a common Relic in one suggestion right up to a rare Relic in the next. After all, why not just recommend the Troll King’s Crusher instead? Well, remember that once Jax Levels, the Light of Icathia Equipment that he auto-equips when summoned grants him Overwhelm as well.

With that in mind, it’s less about giving Jax Overwhelm as he’ll get that on his own. What really matters is giving the constant flurry of low-cost Improvise or decent attack power units he summons the Overwhelm Keyword.

6/8 Rare Relic: Crownguard Inheritance

Again, another very simple recommendation that instantly makes sense when considering Jax’s “intended” playstyle. Jax is meant to swing often with many low-cost Units, Level-Up, swing again to buff his own attack power, and then power through the enemy Nexus with either sheer numbers or his Overwhelm.

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Well, since Jax usually Levels by turn four or five (even sooner once he gains Last Light of Icathia), this Relic lets Jax hit the enemy Nexus like a high-speed truck before enemies have the excess mana to even respond.

5/8 Rare Relic: The Grand General’s Counterplan

Not a lot of Champions can make the most out of this Relic, as many of them tend to have Champion Spells that have a higher mana cost. Jax’s Champion Spell called Jax’s Counter Strike, however, is a lowly 3-Cost Burst Spell that gives Jax Barrier for the Round but also Forges him so that he levels even quicker.

And, when used in combination with other Relics or Passive Powers that give Spell Mana, this basically ensures that Jax is invulnerable to an instance of damage on every turn.

4/8 Rare Relic: Galeforce

In a very similar way to players wanting to use the Crownguard Inheritance to double up on Jax’s early-round aggression, Galeforce is another fantastic option for a number of reasons. For one, Jax is a low-cost Champion, summonable for a measly 2 Mana, so the fact that he Recalls at the end of the Round is fine.

In addition to this, having Scout means that a Leveled-Up Jax can get the +1|+1 from Attacking twice in one turn, which is overpowered in just about every card game there is. Finally, attacking more often means that Jax can Level quicker per encounter, giving him faster access to the Overwhelm part of the Light of Icathia.

3/8 Rare Relic: Laurent Bladerack

While Jax does usually get Overwhelm on his own thanks to his Light of Icathia, his allies usually won’t. Sometimes they’ll get the Fishawack Equipment in their Improvised Weaponry, but that’s still a dice roll. However, with Laurent Bladerack, Jax can usually guarantee that he remains safe and deals the most damage possible.

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Additionally, a fair number of his units are meant to be summoned and then immediately used to trade or block damage and die. So, giving them Challenger means that the player can optimize each attack and force any of the annoying units into combat that were making the game utterly frustrating.

2/8 Rare Relic: The Bounty Hunter’s Renown

These last two Relic recommendations are really only at their maximum efficiency when the player increases Jax’s Champion Level a decent amount and starts being able to confidently clear Adventurers or gain access to Legendary Passive Powers such as Endless Wealth. Then, after players have followed this basic money-making guide (that can work in just about any game) they can start ignoring Shops or the Full Heal option at Healer nodes and hold on to that money for the maximum stat buff to Jax.

When this is done correctly, Jax will start with at least +3|+3 in every combat encounter, he’ll Level much quicker, and will start being able to barrage the enemy Nexuses with Overwhelm on the first few turns. Additionally, this Relic works especially well when used in combination with the next Relic below, The Collector, but that tactic does require Jax to reach at least his 19th Champion Level.

1/8 Rare Relic: The Collector

The last item and the one which is arguably Jax’s best relic is essentially just a better version of Guinsoo’s Rageblade. While The Collector doesn’t grant +1|+1 on Attack, the starting +1|+1 is enough to get Jax’s ramping damage started.

Additionally, Jax kills enemy units quite often thanks to his innate Quick Attack from the Light of Icathia, so players will usually trigger the extra Gold effect of this Relic at least once per combat. And, with more Gold, players can buy more Cards, Powers, and Heals, so of course, this Relic is a perfect combination with something like The Bounty Hunter’s Renown.

Legends of Runeterra is available now for PC and mobile devices.

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