League Patch 13.3 To Include Massive Support Champion Changes


Riot developer Phreak revealed a preview of the upcoming support champion changes in League Patch 13.3.

Former Riot shoutcaster Phreak gave fans a detailed breakdown of each change in the upcoming LoL patch, 13.3 The preview contains a list of changes and adjustments for a total of 7 champions, including the mythic item Radiant Virtue. Through a 46 minute long YouTube video, Game Designer Phreak emphasized that pro scene is mostly dominated by ranged and enchanter supports.

With the list of adjustments that aim to strengthen weakened support champions, Riot looks to refresh the “rather boring” bot-lane meta and bring back Tank supports into the spotlight. We expect a significant shift in the current meta with the newest series of Support changes.

League Patch 13.3 Support Champion and Item Changes

The support item and champion changes follow the recent ADC buffs by the game designer in League’s Patch 13.1b. With these adjustments, the melee support items are surely looking to become more popular across all tiers of play, including professional. Thresh gets his damage output increased, with a boost to his Death Sentence damage and AP ratio.

Alistar is another support that receives a increase to his mana cost and healing. According to Riot Designer Phreak, “Alistair isn’t receiving a damage buff but simply allowed to thrive when he’s getting attacked in a match”. On on the other hand, Pyke also gets an increase in the amount of the damage the unitl can deal, with a boost to his E and Q ability damage. “Pyke and Pantheon need to live in a more distinct world than Leona Nautilus and Alistar” explained Phreak. Below are the full list of changes detailed by the game designer in the lengthy breakdown video.

Radiant Virtue

Enchanter supports already have a list of defensive items in their favor, while tank supports are in dire need of something in their arsenal that’ll boost their popularity. The 30 cooldown increase (a potential nerf) will stop Karma players from abusing the item, while the massive change in health and healing intends to make the item a more viable pick for the tank support class of champions. The rest of the 15% max health changes intend to change how the item functions as a whole, but are not implemented for now. The plethora of changes to the Mythic item intend to make the item ‘more pronounced in what it does”.

Cooldown : 60 seconds changed to 90 seconds

Maximum health: 10% changed to 15%

Total healing: 8% max health over 9 seconds changed to 15% max health over 8 seconds

Ability haste aura and healing amplification removed

Activation: Upon casting ultimate changed to Manual activation

New – Failsafe: Upon taking damage that reduces you to 15% max This change has not yet been implemented)

HP, automatically activates (shares a cooldown with the active) (This change has not yet been implemented)



P ability Damnation AP and armor per stack » 1.0changed to 1.25

Q ability Death Sentence damage 100-260 changed to 100-280

Q ability Death Sentence AP ratio: 5changed to .75

W ability Dark Passage cooldown: 22-16 changed to 21-17

E ability Flay cooldown: 13-10 changed to 12-10

E ability Flay AP ratio :: 4changed to 6

tg: +2% Q max, and it’s closer to the optimal build



Q ability Gleaming Quill damage 70-250 + 7changed to 70-290 + 9

Q ability Gleaming Quill heal: 30-115 changed to 40-210

W ability Battle Dance AP ratio : .7 changed to &


Q ability Bone Skewer damage : 100-300 + .6changed to 100-300 + 1.0

E ability Phantom Undertow damage: 105-225 + 1.0changed to 105-265 + 1.0


Base attack speed and level one attack speed: 644changed to 658

Q ability – Comet Spear mana cost :: 30 changed to 25

Q ability- Comet Spear cooldown : 13-8 changed to 11-7


Passibe ability Staggering Blow bonus damage: 8-110changed to 14-116

W ability Titan’s Wrath mana cost: 80 changed to 60

W ability Titan’s Wrath shield : 40-80 + 8-12% max hp changed to 50-90 + 8-12% max hp

E ability Riptide damage: 55-175 + 3changed to 55-195 + 5

tg +0.5%, +1.5% E max 2nd (E 2nd is 1% behind W 2nd)


Base health regeneration 8.5 changed to to 10

Base health = 610 changed to 640

P ability Concussive Blows target immunity :: 8 / 6 / 4 seconds at level 1 / 7 / 13 changed to level 1/

6 / 11

Q ability Winter’s Bite cooldown: 10-6 changed to 8-6


P ability Triumphant Roar self heal: 23-142 changed to 5% max health (this is about a 40% buff)

P ability Triumphant Roar ally heal:: 46-284 changed to 6% of Alistar’s max health (This is about a

15% nerf)

Q ability Pulverize mana cost: 55-75 changed to 50-70

Q ability Pulverize AP ratio :: 5 changed to .7

W ability Headbutt mana cost: 65-85 changed to 50-70

W ability Headbutt AP ratio: .7 changed to 9

E ability Trample mana cost 50-90 changed to 50-70

E ability Trample AP ratio: 4 changed to 7.


LoL Patch 13.3 Release Date

League’s patch 13.3 is slated to hit live servers on Tuesday February 7, according to the official patch schedule. After cancelling Patch 13.2 due to a cyber attack that threatened to leak the game’s source code, Riot Games are planning to push the list of major changes to the game’s upcoming update, Patch 13.3. The changes are also slated to head to PBE servers soon. As always, the changes listed abve are subject to change in the final patch release, based on the feedback gathered on PBE.

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