League Of Legends: Beginner Tips For Mid Lane


The mid lane is the most important lane in League of Legends. As such, the mid laner plays a pivotal role in how the game pans out. Players in this lane have access to solo gold and experience, and their central position allows them to impact all parts of the map.

With so much potential, there is also a lot for beginner mid laners to learn, just as there is in League of Legends in general. These tips will help new players navigate the laning phase and carry the game from mid.


10 Mages Are Easier At First

The easiest way to learn a new role in League is to find an easy champion and learn the role through them. The mid lane is home to a wide variety of champions, but one of the most common classes and thankfully easiest are mages. Farming on a ranged mage is a lot less daunting than picking a melee assassin who has to walk up to the wave, likely in the face of a ranged opponent.

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Not only are mages generally easier to farm with, but their play style of sitting in the backline and firing out spells can be a lot more beginner-friendly than fighters and assassins who have to commit to fights or isolate targets.

9 Know How To Get Level 2

League of Legends Lux

Similarly to top lane, level 2 can be reached in mid by killing all six minions from the first wave and one melee minion from the next wave. This is important to know, as some champions have strong power spikes at level 2 when they unlock a second ability.

When playing such champions, players can push and get in position to take advantage of their power the moment the seventh minion dies. Alternatively, in matchups where the enemy has a strong level 2, players can preemptively back off and accept the momentary loss.

8 Take The Correct Resistances

League of Legends Annie

Having a good game in League of Legends starts in champion select, with taking the correct runes and stats. While beginner players can mostly rely on recommended rune pages, it is up to them to choose whether they take armor or magic resist. The choice depends on if they are playing against a physical or magical damage dealer.

Additionally, if the enemy mid laner and their jungler deal the same type of damage, then purchasing the appropriate resistance early can be a good idea as it is these two that players will likely face the most.

7 Beware Of Ganks From Both Sides

League of Legends Yasuo

The mid lane can be easily accessed from both sides of the map, and as there are multiple paths that junglers can take to surprise unsuspecting laners, ganks can come from any angle. With this in mind, mid laners should expect plenty of ganks and always keep the possibility in mind before going aggressive or pushing up too far.

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If there is good reason to believe the jungler is on one side of the map hugging the opposite side of the lane can be a good idea, especially with vision on this side. Unfortunately, junglers aren’t the only thing mids should fear, as the central position of the lane allows top laners and supports to roam for their own ganks.

6 Roam Everywhere

League of Legends Twisted Fate

From the mid lane, players have easy access to the entire map and can make their presence known in both bot and top. Roams can be proactive with the intention of surprising and getting kills, or reactive after seeing the enemy mid or jungler making their way to either lane.

The enemy jungle can also be invaded to steal camps or kill vulnerable junglers. However, this will mostly be done with the help of allies. The key thing that must be done before any roams, though, is pushing the wave into the enemy tower. This will ensure they are forced to catch the wave lest they lose gold and experience, and it also provides you with time.

5 Ping Which Way Opponents Went

League of Legends Katarina

When playing mid, it is quite common for a player’s lane opponent to roam or just go missing in general. Due to the central position of the lane, it is possible for them to go in any direction.

For this reason, it is important to ping when the enemy goes missing, to warn the team of a potential gank. Rather than just using the Enemy Missing ping in lane, players can also use this ping in combination with the Retreat ping to highlight the most likely paths they have taken, usually to bot or top lane. Even if the player knows know exactly which way they went thanks to vision, still make sure to ping.

4 Know Which Wards To Use

League of Legends Talon

There are three different warding items that all players can swap out for free in the base. In the early game, most mid laners will want to stick to the default Stealth Ward, which is great for spotting out junglers. After reaching level 9, Farsight Alteration becomes available to swap out in base, which can be used to ward at a great distance. This is ideal for mid laners like mages, who are too immobile and squishy to walk up to ward bushes.

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For assassins or champions who want to pick off unsuspecting enemies, an Oracle Lens is usually the better option as it can be used to sweep for enemy vision. The Oracle Lens is available from the start of the game, and mid laners looking to roam might prefer to get it early, to avoid vision on their ganks.

3 Help With Objectives

League of Legends Galio

The mid lane offers easy access to both the Dragon pit and Baron pit. As such, mid laners have the potential to make sure their team dominates the neutral objectives. Simply turning up and securing a numbers advantage can often be enough to deter the enemy from contesting. The important thing to do before helping is to push the wave under the tower, forcing the enemy laner to catch it.

The first Dragon spawns at the 5-minute mark and respawns 5 minutes after being slain. This means that if Drakes are being taken quickly, many are available during the laning phase. The Rift Herald also spawns in the Baron pit at the 8-minute mark and can be just as beneficial as Dragons.

2 Scale Into The Late Game

League of Legends Kassadin

Unlike other roles like jungle, support, and sometimes top lane, which often have to be proactive, many mid lane champions have excellent scaling. In cases where mid laners can’t find advantages in the lane and other lanes present few opportunities for roams, it can be perfectly fine to sit back, farm, and scale.

By playing safe, players are not only ensuring their team has a strong late-game carry to go alongside an ADC, but they are also denying the enemy the chance to get ahead.

1 Protect The Tower

League of Legends Anivia

Due to the mid lane’s central position, if the towers fall, the map opens up to the enemy team. This allows them to enter the jungle more freely, and giving them more opportunities to catch the player’s team in an elongated lane.

Therefore, if all else fails, protecting the outer turret in mid is a win condition by itself. As with any outer turret, protecting the turret plates before they fall off after 14 minutes is always helpful as it denies the enemy gold. Beyond that, mages like Anivia and Viktor who have access to incredible wave clear can hold onto their towers for a long time, even when behind.

League of Legends is available for PC and Mac.

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