Kingdom Hearts: Dark Road Is Now Playable Offline


Square Enix announces that its mobile title Kingdom Hearts: Dark Road now has its offline version available for download on Android and iOS.

It has been around four months since Square Enix celebrated the 20th anniversary of its RPG series Kingdom Hearts via an online event. Not only did the Japanese company reveal an exciting trailer for Kingdom Hearts 4, it also gave an update about its mobile title Kingdom Hearts: Dark Road. Now, Square Enix has made good on its promise of delivering the mobile game’s story finale this month while also making an offline version of Kingdom Hearts: Dark Road available for download.


Square Enix first made the announcement that it was shutting down Kingdom Hearts: Dark Road over a year ago. Since then, only a few updates were being made to the game, and the release date of the game’s story finale as well as the launch of its offline version had to be delayed several times. Both Dark Road and its predecessor Kingdom Hearts: Union X are still part of the RPG series’ Dark Seeker saga and have important ties to the main Kingdom Hearts plot. This is likely why Square Enix has decided to keep both titles active through offline versions of the games.

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In a recent Twitter post, Square Enix shared that the offline version of Kingdom Hearts: Dark Road is now available for download on both iOS and Android devices. This update also comes with the final story update for Kingdom Hearts: Dark Road. According to the game’s version history on the Apple Store, version 5.0.0 will have officially ended the service and that players should not expect support from the company for the recently released offline version.

Some commenters on the Twitter announcement asked how they go about accessing the game’s offline version or if they have to restart their progress in the game. Unfortunately, Square Enix did not share instructions on how to keep players’ progress intact when Kingdom Hearts: Dark Road switched to the offline version, though there is an old post telling players not to delete the app on their devices to save their data.

With Square Enix gearing up for its new mobile game Kingdom Hearts: Missing Link, it is understandable for the development team to move its efforts away from Kingdom Hearts: Dark Road. Though the offline version of the game may not have any support from the team anymore, being able to access the title and its story even after service has ended is likely appreciated by both old and new fans of the Kingdom Hearts series.

Kingdom Hearts: Dark Road is now available offline on iOS and Android devices.

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