Kendrick Lamar Fan Records Concert With a PS VIta


An attendee at the Kendrick Lamar concert in London uses their PS Vita to capture the exciting event from the front row of the stage.

The internet is confused after a Kendrick Lamar fan is spotted recording a concert with the PS Vita. Since several years have passed since its release, it’s exciting to see the PS Vita out in the wild, even if it is just to use its practical applications when all else fails.

The handheld gaming console was ahead of its time, and was unfortunately held back by its prioritized SD cards and overall lack of support from Sony. This also means that there are many great games that are stuck on the PS Vita, making it a crucial handheld for collectors to own. The PS Vita hosted several features that made it stand out from its competitors, like the party and mic support, blue-tooth technology, an OLED display, as well photo and video recording software, which can still be used to this day.


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Twitter User LAxFLAME posted an image of a Kendrick Lamar concert at the O2 Arena in London, which went viral for showing an attendee using their PS Vita to capture the artist from the front row. The visual depiction of the concert goer using the PS Vita to record the event is a terrific representation of the appreciation gamers still have for the handheld, as the viral tweet was full of fans complimenting the camera choice. Despite constant PlayStation updates removing features from the PS Vita, fans have continued to support the handheld after all these years, sometimes in very creative ways.

In the viral tweet’s comment section, one commenter shared that a different concert attendee had used a 3DS to record the event as well, although the concert it occurred at was not specified. It could be that the concert goer’s phone died and the PS Vita was only used as backup, but whatever the reason, it is nice to see players continue to show their love for the handheld. Unfortunately, PlayStation still does not show the same support for the console as its fans, with PS Vita games missing from the new PS Plus Service.

Despite the Steam Deck and Nintendo Switch being dominant forces in the handheld market, fans continue to hope for a PlayStation handheld comeback, as there have been many fan-made PlayStation handhelds that imagine the next iteration of the PS Vita. Between the PS5 and the upcoming PSVR 2, it may be unrealistic for fans to hope for another PlayStation handheld, which makes moments like this all the more nostalgic.

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