JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Things The Netflix Show Changed From The Stone Ocean Manga In Part 2

One of the best things to see in each new season of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure is the Stands. The powers that have been showcased in Stone Ocean in particular are some of the wildest yet. In the second part of the series alone, eight brand-new Stands were introduced.

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Like the first part of Stone Ocean, some of the biggest changes occurred with the names of these Stands. Of the eight, three remained unchanged, those being Guccio’s Survivor, D and G’s Yo-Yo Ma, and Miu Miu’s Jail House Lock. The other five Stands were far from the only things that were changed in part 2 of Stone Ocean though, as observant Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure fans will no doubt have noticed.


6 The Flash Forward

The first part of Stone Ocean ends with Jolyne successfully getting one of her father Jotaro’s discs to a messenger bird from the Speedwagon Foundation. It ends on a positive note, but fans unfamiliar with the manga were probably worried about the fate of Jolyne as she looked gravely injured. In the manga, the next arc involving Ermes going after Sports Maximum begins right after this.

That’s where things were altered in the second part of the anime. It does a flash forward, showing Jolyne standing over Ermes’ bloody body. Guards find her, and are suspicious of her involvement with Ermes’ injuries, so they throw her into a maximum security cell. The anime then goes back to show what happened during the Sports Maximum arc. All of the material in the anime matches the manga, the order is just presented differently.

5 The Missing Backstory

There is a small excerpt taken out of the anime from the manga right after the fight with Kenzou ends. In the anime, Jolyne is injured but is fine enough to continue onward. In the manga, she passes out and starts remembering an episode of her past involving a police incident.

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She found a wallet on the ground and wasn’t planning on doing anything nefarious with it. However, when a family sees her combing through it after they realize the wallet was gone, they immediately think Jolyne stole it on purpose. Jolyne gives chase, trying to explain what happened, which hurdled into a chaotic traffic jam scene. It was all a misunderstanding, but she still got into trouble. It’s not a vital part of the story of Stone Ocean, but it is worth bringing up.

4 What Jolyne Is Watching In Episode 12

The final two episodes of part two of Stone Ocean, involve Jolyne trying to tackle amnesia. The chief guard, nicknamed Miu Miu, has a Stand named Jail House Lock. Its powers allow it to scramble the memory of its enemies so that they can only retain three things at a time. There are three scenes in the manga wherein they show Jolyne trying to live like a normal prisoner.

One scene shows Jolyne watching a Johnny Depp movie, another shows her watching The Sixth Sense, and the last activity involves reading a comic. In the anime, the movie she is watching looks different and Johnny Depp isn’t named. The scene involving The Sixth Sense is cut out completely. Presumably, direct references to celebrities and movies were removed to avoid a copyright kerfuffle.

3 Father Pucci At The Grocery Store

The beginning of the second part of Stone Ocean is different when it comes to the flash forward. The end is also slightly altered and rearranged. In the anime, Jolyne and Emporio go talk to Ermes and explain they are ready to break out. The scene after involved Father Pucci running into a woman at the grocery store. Her eggs fall to the ground, and, at first, everything seems fine. When Father Pucci walks away, however, the woman screams, realizing the eggs had chicken fetuses in them.

In the manga, these two scenes are presented in reverse order. That’s not the strange thing though. The chicken fetuses were creepy enough but the manga shows that this woman’s child is also affected by Father Pucci’s new time powers that he acquired from The Green Baby and Dio. The baby is shown to be half man, half child, and it is horrifically unsettling.

2 Anastasia Changes

There are seven new villains introduced in this second run of the anime, but Jolyne only gains one new ally. Anastasia has a Stand named Diver Drive that can pass through walls, allowing Anastasia to perform feats like climbing up them. There is a scene involving him taking out security cameras by climbing up Diver Drive’s arms. For battle purposes, Diver Drive can punch an enemy or object which will store energy in them that Anastasia can then release at any time for an explosive finish.

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The powers mirror those in the manga but the Stand’s name and Anastasia’s name are altered. Anastasia is referred to as Anasui in the manga, which is named after the fashion brand, Anna Sui. Diver Drive is referred to as Diver Down in the manga which is the name of a Van Halen album. Again, like the avoidance of calling out The Sixth Sense, these two things were most likely changed so that Netflix didn’t have to worry about any lawsuits.

1 Villain Stand Changes

There are a bunch of name changes made for the villains in part two of Stone Ocean. This has been the standard in the series for a while. Sports Maximum’s Stand can reawaken the dead as invisible zombies. It is called Limp Bizkit, like the band, but it is changed to Limp Viscuit in the anime. Westwood has a Stand that can shoot meteors at his opponent. It’s called Planet Waves in the manga and is named after a Bob Dylan album, but this is changed to Starlight Waves in the anime.

Kenzou has a Stand that can help him divine a direction to attack using Feng Shui. His Stand is called Dragon’s Dream, which is a song by the composer Arkady Shilkloper. It is called Drake’s Dream in the anime. Finally, The Green Baby has a Stand called Green, Green Grass of Home, which can change the size of its opponents. This is the name of a Porter Wagoner song, but it was switched to Green, Green, Green Home in the anime.

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