Join BC.GAME's Coco's Carnival now and win up to $2,100,000 or a TESLA.

World Cup fever has begun to spread in Qatar. As it is one of the most anticipated football tournaments in the sports industry, fans are increasingly excited for the start of intense competition between the participating teams. This 2022, the World Cup will have 64 matches in different cities in Qatar – the first country in the Middle East to host an event of this size.

The World Cup will be even more interesting with the entry of sponsor BC.GAME . The Argentine Football Association has partnered with this crypto-casino platform as its betting sponsor. BC.GAME is prepared to support the Argentine national team in its next games. Thanks to this, the crypto gaming platform will be able to reach a wider audience around the world – the partnership between BC.GAME and AFA will provide football bettors with an exciting experience at the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

During the whole period of this year’s world cup, BC.GAME will offer promotions to its punters. Here are the promotions where BC.GAME offers players the chance to win up to $2,100,000 or a Tesla.

It is worth noting that Coco’s Carnival is a separate page created by BC.GAME dedicated to fans and sports bettors during the World Cup.

Prediction of World Cup winners.

BC.GAME offers a total prize pool of $100,000 to those who submit their World Cup predictions before November 26, 2022. Sports bettors must make their predictions on the winners of each group. From the winners of the qualifiers, players will predict who will be this year’s world champion.

Players with VIP 4 and above are eligible to participate in this promotion. They can participate for free and finalize their bets until 26/11/2022 00:00 AM UTC. The forecast platform will automatically close within that period. Any submissions made after the deadline will be considered ineligible.

To win a share of the prize pool, predictions made by a player must be accurate. If more than one player makes the same prediction, the prize pool will be divided equally. Only one player per family can join the game. As part of BC.GAME’s policy, multiple claims or matched bet players will be disqualified from the promotion.


Upcoming World Cup promotions on the BC.GAME platform.

By November 20th, BC.GAME will release the details of the other two promotions, offering a total prize pool of $2,100,000 and a Tesla. Players can access game details for $2,100,000 from November 20, 2022 to December 19, 2022. Players interested in participating in Coco’s Tesla Giveaway can access promotion details from November 20, 2022 to December 10 from 2022.

Partnership AFA and BC.GAME.

The global partnership agreement of these big names in the sports industry will open a new way for crypto-casino gamblers and football fans to enjoy the benefits of cryptocurrencies beyond the excitement of football matches. Both brands are committed to providing gains on both ends.

The partnership will focus not only on the World Cup, but also on the upcoming leagues in which the AFA participates. AFA and BC.GAME are seeking new deals with Argentine team members and crypto casino gamblers.

According to the AFA, its partnership with the 2022 Crypto Casino of The Year award winner is an opportunity for fans and players alike to embrace the emerging technology of the blockchain industry. With the help of BC.GAME, AFA will be able to create digital products as a new source of income.

About BC.GAME.

BC.GAME is a crypto platform offering various online casino games, live casinos and sports betting. The platform has existed for 5 years and has a license from Curacao to operate. Furthermore, with its integration of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, players will have access to the benefits provided by both technologies.

The crypto gaming platform is not only accessible on a computer, players who want to bet at any time can also access it through their smartphone’s mobile browser, as the site’s interface is compatible with mobile devices.

Now that the site has been redesigned, it offers more features that were highly expected to be used by its players. Sports betting is now included in the site’s gaming portfolio. People who want to bet on the top leagues, especially the upcoming World Cup, are offered different promotions and bonuses. The platform is now also open to receiving fiat currencies in addition to the cryptocurrencies it currently supports.

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