JetSynthesys appoints Anuj Tandon as CEO of gaming division


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JetSynthesys, a multi-media entertainment company and owner of Indian esports company Skyesports, has announced the appointment of Anuj Tandon as the new Chief Executive Officer of the company’s gaming division.

According to a release, Tandon will work with JetSynthesys Founder and CEO Rajan Navani on improving the company’s gaming efforts, which include Skyesports — one of the most popular esports brands in India — as well as Nodwin Gaming and NovaPlay.

Prior to joining JetSynthesys, Tandon worked as the Head of Corporate Development for the India and MENA regions for KRAFTON, the owner of popular Battle Royale esport title PUBG: Battlegrounds.

During his time at KRAFTON, he was tasked with leading the company’s investments in India and MENA, and oversaw a number of mergers, acquisitions and financing rounds. Prior to KRAFTON, Tandon worked for a number of gaming companies in India, including Nazara Games and YOOZOO Games.

JetSynthesys came into the public eye in 2021 when the company bought 65% Skyesports’ shares, creating a new holding company called Jet Skyesports Gaming. The company also owns India-based esports and gaming company Nodwin Gaming and payment processing company NovaPlay.

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Anuj Tandon, Chief Executive Officer – Gaming for JetSynthesys, said: “JetSynthesys has been quietly building multiple businesses under the Jet brand that cover some of the biggest opportunities within the gaming industry — whether it’s the internal game studio[s], global business partnerships and publishing wing[s], sports game studios such as Nautilus Mobile and Sachin Saga team, esports company Skyesports, or its invest[ment] and operat[ion] business Jetapult among others.”

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