Jennifer Hale hasn't commented on the Bayonetta 3 voice acting controversy, but her liked tweets tell a story


It’s been a very busy weekend for Bayonetta 3 news, but unfortunately, not in a good way.

A few weeks back we learned that Jennifer Hale would be replacing Hellena Taylor as the voice of Bayonetta, and fans were wondering why. Shortly after that reveal, PlatinumGames commented on the matter, saying that, “various overlapping circumstances made it difficult for Hellena Taylor to reprise her role.” In response, Taylor took to Twitter to say she was offered a flat-fee to reprise her role as Bayonetta for the threequel, but she wasn’t happy with the amount. Finally, Platinum’s Hideki Kamiya replied on Twitter by saying, “Sad and deplorable about the attitude of untruth. That’s what all I can tell now.”

Throughout this messy situation, Jennifer Hale has remained silent on the dispute. This is likely due to an NDA with Platinum and Nintendo, and it would be very surprising to see any comment from her going forward. That said, Hale has been a bit active on Twitter since the situation arose, and a series of liked tweets certainly seem to point to Hale’s opinion on the matter.

In particular, Hale has liked a couple of tweets that make mention of Hale most likely signing an NDA for the project, and another specifically said, “Bro go harass PlatinumGames about that, Hale knew nothing.” Hale liked yet another tweet that read, “I’m not jumping to conclusions yet because we only heard [Taylor’s] side of the story (not saying she’s lying) but we don’t have the whole picture yet. I’m staying neutral until the devs come out and issue a statement.”

A number of other tweets have been liked, and rather than share them word-for-word, you can see a breakdown of the sentiments shared below.

  • a tweet that insults Platinum if the allegations from Taylor turn out to be true
  • a tweet criticizing Taylor for bringing Hale into the situation

The most interesting tweet liked by Hale is one from voice actor Benjamin Diskin. Diskin took to Twitter to comment on the typical pay structure for voice actors, and you can read it in full below.

“If anybody out there is curious what typical SAG-AFTRA VG rates are for actors, it’s approximately $1000 for a session that can last up to 4 hours. The NON-union rate is $250/hr with a 2hr minimum guarantee. There are no royalties based on game sales or anything else.”

[Benjamin Diskin, voice actor]

As to where this situation goes now, your guess is as good as ours. Whether PlatinumGames puts out a statement or tries to contact Taylor remains to be seen. All we can say is that regardless of how you feel about this situation, don’t head to social media to hurl insults at anyone involved. It’s simply best to let the parties involved work things out, and if you want to take a stance, you can do so with where you put your money.


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