Japan Gets An Official Final Fantasy 7 Day


Square Enix announces that the official anniversary date of JRPG Final Fantasy 7 is now recognized in its home country of Japan.

Good news has come for long-time fans of Square Enix’s popular JRPG Final Fantasy 7 with the company announcing that the game’s original release date in Japan has officially been recognized as “Final Fantasy 7 Day” in the country. With Final Fantasy 7 celebrating another anniversary at the end of January, it seems only appropriate that the company pulls out all the stops especially since there are big releases planned by the franchise for this year as well.


Square Enix has had a busy past few years, especially with anniversary celebrations of its popular series like Final Fantasy, FF7, and Kingdom Hearts. Using these milestones to set the stage for important announcements, the Japanese company gave its fans a variety of new titles, merchandise, and physical events to look forward to. The latest announcement of Final Fantasy 7 Day in Japan is likely another platform for Square Enix to remind the gaming community that it still has more to offer from the franchise.

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On the official Twitter account, the team shared that Final Fantasy 7 Day has now been officially registered and recognized in Square Enix’s home country of Japan, specifically in Japan’s Anniversary Association. The special date is January 31, which is the official release date of the JRPG in the country back in 1997. The post shared several images including the certificate that recognizes the date, a special message from the producer of the Final Fantasy 7 Remake series, Yoshinori Kitase, and Kitase holding the certificate beside very recognizable Final Fantasy stuffed toys

Kitase’s message shared some of the nostalgic feelings held by the producer, especially since they were also the director of the original Final Fantasy 7 game. Fans can likely relate to how Kitase feels, given that some may have grown up playing the original PlayStation title. Many comments on the Twitter thread rejoiced with Square Enix, with some sharing that they will now only know January 31 as Final Fantasy 7 Day, even if they are not from Japan.

Now that the second part of the Final Fantasy 7 Remake series will be officially released this Winter 2023, Square Enix still has a lot of time left to create bigger hype about the sequel’s launch. Though fans will likely still be excited about whatever piece of news they get, whether it features the remakes or centers around the base game. Hopefully the excitement continues through until Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth launches at the end of this year.

Final Fantasy 7 is available on Android, iOS, PC, PS1, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

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