Is Shadow Legends Raid Pay to Win? 

Is Shadow Legends Raid: Welcome to “Is it Pay to Win?” This column is where we look at a game and settle if and how often it has pay-to-win elements. Read Is it Pay to Win? : Look at the definition to see how we break down pay to win (p2w) into parts like advantage pay, pay for convenience, and pay for cosmetics.

Raid: Shadow Legends calls itself a “mythical RPG with hundreds of champions and 14 factions.” It was made for mobile phones, but you can also play it on a PC. It has dungeon bosses, a campaign (with a sort of story), clans, tournaments, events, and more. It has a cash shop where you can buy most of the things you can get in the game.

Below is a quick discussion of the game’s mechanics and a comprehensive explanation of how those scores are determined.

How to Play Shadow Legends

The whole point of this game is to collect champions and make them stronger so you can put together teams that can fight in each type of content. There is the campaign, where the story comes from and where most of the experience is gained. There are dungeons where you can get gear and dungeons where you can get materials to “ascend” champions or get their masteries (talents).

In the arena, you fight against other players’ pre-set defences and set your defences to do the same. During faction wars, you can get enchantments for your gear and materials for making more gear. Lastly, you can do the clan boss with your clan. It takes many plays, and multiple daily attempts to “kill” it, and the rewards are doubled. You can also do clan quests, which ask you to do other things on this list a few or many times, and clan vs clan, which has no real “against” part. You do everything for points, and whoever gets the most points wins.

For collecting champions, however, you have to pull them from shards, except for a few that you can farm from the campaign, a couple that you can craft, and one that you can get from an event that happens once a month.

Grinding is the main way to play the game. Once you have a few good champions, you take them into the dungeon and farm each level for more gear until you can go further. Since each dungeon drops a different set of items, each item has different stats, and the results of upgrading each item are random, it can take a very long time to get the specific pieces that each champion and team needs.

Lastly, you can do almost all of the content “manually,” which means you control your characters’ every move. However, you can also auto-battle the whole time, which changes how the game works or how much time the player spends “playing.”

Monetization in Shadow Legends

Shadow Legends is free to play, but almost everything can be bought. Most of their basic items, like champion shards and energy, are on a fixed list in their cash shop and cost a lot of money. They have a few deals every month, like the gem pass, which gives you gems every day, and the raid card, which gives you extra silver and XP. Most things are done with the help of silver. It costs silver to upgrade your gear; use your shards to summon and switch out your gear. A section of their fixed shop also changes daily and has deals, bundles, and lower prices.

Also, their system sends specific offers to certain players. If you’re missing parts of a legendary champion from a previous event that you can’t get any other way, they’ll sell those for very high prices. Prices and sizes of rotational packs will go up based on how much users have spent recently. Also, when their events change, they will sell certain packs to help with those events.

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Pay to get power in Shadow Legends

The only thing that keeps this from being 5/5 is that you can’t buy anything that you can’t also get in-game. Different types of content drop Champion Shards and Materials for Upgrading. But almost everything is very limited, especially legendary items and their “void” shards, which can be used to call up champions with no weaknesses. You can buy the shards that summon champions, the books and potions that improve their skills and stats, the brews that level them up, and sometimes even gear to put on them. In Shadow Legends, you can buy every kind of power directly. They aren’t limited to the shop, though.

Pay for Benefit From Shadow Legends

In the same way as what was said above, purchases help you in every way. If you can buy energy, you can speed up your rate of power gains over what someone who doesn’t buy could do. This is because you’re not directly buying the power increases. This is true for new accounts much more than for old ones. Once you’ve made a certain amount of progress, time rather than energy is what holds you back. But given the advantage of gaining power, the advantage of getting to the mid-game point, and the tournament advantage of spending, this is still pretty high.

Purchase Cosmetics in Shadow Legends

in Shadow Legends, this one is a little hard. There’s nothing that’s only for looks. But it’s not unusual for players to talk about which champion they think is the coolest. Some of the game’s art is cool. So, the “cosmetics” (champions) can be bought or earned. There aren’t any that are only locked behind paywalls, but if you buy expensive shards, you’re much more likely to get a cool one than if you wait to open the ones you earn naturally. We’ll give this a score of “average.”

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