Is It Worth It To Have Valorant Skins?

Valorant Skins: When trying to buy a Valorant skin, many people ask themselves this question. Does it pay off? Some people will praise Valorant’s skins, and others will flame them for many different reasons. But in this OverPower article, we look at whether Valorant Skins are worth it and how you can receive free valorant points (VP) to buy the skins you want without feeling bad about it. Let’s get right down to it.

The VALIANT skins team is working hard to make all of the sets they’ve released and the sets we haven’t seen yet. But even though these skins make the game look different, are they worth it? When players buy the base bundle, they don’t get the cool effects that the store’s ad says they will. When players buy the base set, they have to pay more to get all the skins they want. 

The team’s newest set, the Oni Gathering, has great designs with mysterious effects. At first glance, these look great, but the problem is that if you buy the whole set, it will cost you about $78. Okay, it’s a full set with four guns and a knife, so it’s fine. Makes sense. The only problem is that these are the vanilla skins, which don’t have any sound effects, particle effects, or animation for the finisher.

Is it worth it to buy Skins?

This question can be answered in many ways. Valorous skins won’t help you play better. Valiant skins are just for showing off, and they look good when you’re trying to get a clutch. Some people don’t want to look at the default gray finish on their weapons, but this is fine for others. In general, Valorant Skins aren’t that bad. 

Some of the nicer ones are pricey, but they look good in-game and can make your Valorant experience a lot better. In short, the staff at OverPower thinks that Valorant skins are worth it, but only if you have to use one for the weapons you use. If you don’t have a lot of money or aren’t sure if you should get one of these skins, your best bet is probably to wait until you get one in-game, then decide when the weapon can drop.

Why are Skins so expensive?

Many people are worried about why Valorant skins are so expensive, and for the most part, they are. The price can be anywhere from 875 VP to a staggering 4125 VP for one virtual item. Many people can’t justify this cost.

The PC version of Valorant is the only platform on which this free-to-play game may be enjoyed. Even though Valorant is a fun game to engage in, the developer, RIOT, has to find a way to recoup some of the financial resources sacrificed to make the game available free of charge. 

These skins are within the financial reach of the vast majority of individuals who have a high salary and maybe have a well-paid 9-to-5 job; nevertheless, if you are a student or someone who cannot rationalize spending up to $60 on a single item, this is quite a lot of money. Don’t be concerned. You are not the only one who has this line of thinking.

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Radiant Paywall

To get the full skin version, you must upgrade the gun with Radianite points. VALIANT points are what you use to buy Radianite points. For 20 Radianite points, you can get 1600 VALORANT points. If you wanted to buy the Oni Bucky but wanted the blue one, you would have to raise your level to 7.

This action will cost an additional 75 Radianite points by itself. The bundle is available for purchase with 80 Radianite points and has a value of 4800 VALORANT points. If you purchase any weapon and desire this one variation, you will be required to pay an additional fee of $50. There is a possibility. Completing it will earn you Radiant points to use in future battles if you have the battle pass. 

You have the opportunity to get a total of 130 points as a reward. You may make improvements to your weapons with these. But since these weapons can’t be exchanged like CS:GO weapons, I wouldn’t invest in skins anytime soon, particularly because the amazing effects are buried behind even more paywalls.

How can I get Skins for free or for less money?

There are a lot of individuals who are unaware of this fact, but you may get Valorant Points (VP) from locations other than the Valorant Store, and doing so can occasionally save you money. Not only that but there are other locations where you may get Valorant Points for no cost at all and then spend them as you choose. You might use a website such as Gamivo, which offers discounted prices on Valorant point cards compared to the Valorant shop.


We hope that by the time you conclude this article, you will better understand what Valorant skins are and whether or not you should purchase them. The game Valorant is a lot of fun, but do the different skins justify the cost of purchasing them?

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