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Building is the most interesting kind of entertainment in Minecraft. Here you can build lots of wonderful houses. For example, similar to the ones shown in this article: Materials for their building can be found in the locations added to the game with The Wild Update, and also Caves and Cliffs. What is the location and what materials can be found there?

Mangrove Swamp and Other Places in the Wild Update

Explorers of the Minecraft world must, first of all, head to the mangrove swamp. This incredibly beautiful location among frogs and tadpoles welcomes you by mangrove trees. You can find the matching blocks. They are perfect for building houses that are placed nearby.

The ancient city location is filled with buildings. You can find sun-dried bricks and other useful materials. You should hang out there, exploring literally each house.

You should also visit the deep dark. It is recommended only to those who want to erect a building from numerous blocks. The player can easily find them unless they wake up the warden. It is a hostile mob who will not disturb the player until it is disturbed. So, we do not recommend making noise.

Mountains and Caves from the Caves and Cliffs Update

In the mountains from the Caves and Cliffs update you will not find any stone or wooden blocks. But there are copper blocks and copper ore. They can be used to secure the building. Therefore, it will stand and bring joy to its creator for a long time. Even if other players or mobs attempt to attack it.

Also, you can find a block of light that is similar to a candle from the Wild Update that will make a cozy decoration to any place.

It will be a great idea to build a house it this location. It is easy to dig a hole for the basement of the future building. The location is made up by a huge number of earth blocks that invite to excavation. Finally, there are no hostile mobs. There are creatures that hunt other mobs but they are neutral to the player. Nevertheless, you can catch them.


So, in conclusion – all main points of the article:

  • in the mangrove swamp you can obtain mangrove blocks – the main building material;
  • stone should be found in the ancient city and the deep dark;
  • if you want to build a strong house, you should reinforce it with copper blocks and copper ore that are materialized in the mountains;
  • the house should be built in safe and picturesque mountains.

These recommendations will help players to repeat the examples from the instructions or your own building.


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