Incredible Video Shows What a 3D Pokemon Yellow Would Look Like


A fan of Pokemon Yellow develops their own playable version of the old Game Boy title, turning the 2D sprites into moving 3D pixels.

An avid fan of Pokemon Yellow has recently developed their own playable version of the Game Boy title. The game was originally released for the handheld console back in 1998 and had retro-style 2D pixel visuals. However, the Pokemon fan took the development of their own version to the next level, turning the 2D sprites of the Pokemon Trainer, iconic Electric Pokemon Pikachu, and the game’s popular areas into amazing 3D graphics.

The Pokemon community seems to always have a lot of dedicated fans that love to create intricate projects such as this 3D version of Pokemon Yellow. One fan recently started a series of remaking Gen 1’s Kanto region out of LEGO bricks, while other fans have been making fan art that combines both retro and modern Pokemon visuals to create remasters of their favorite titles. However, actually developing and coding a playable version of a Pokemon video game shows just how dedicated the fan is to the Pokemon fandom.


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YouTuber Pokebro recently posted the challenge they gave themselves to remake Pokemon Yellow but with a voxel look instead of its original 2D pixel graphics. The video is four minutes long and showcases the YouTuber’s development process, including all of their wins and challenges. Fans will likely be amused at how Pokebro was able to overcome their challenge, making a playable 3D game that mimics the original Pokemon Yellow for the Game Boy as accurately as possible.

In the video, Pokebro shares that they focused on recreating the Pokemon Trainer and their Pikachu in voxel art first. They then tackled the signature trait of the game, wherein Pikachu refuses to stay inside a Poke Ball and follows the Trainer around Pokemon Yellow‘s Kanto region instead. After successfully doing so, they proceeded to develop how the Electric-type would interact with wild Pokemon out in the grass, stating that they wanted Pikachu to auto-battle other Pokemon like in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

At the latter part of the video, Pokebro shares that they were able to develop their 3D version of Pokemon Yellow until Pewter City, where Trainers have to fight Gym leader Brock for their first badge. They were also able to create several other wild Pokemon such as Pidgey, Caterpie, Metapod, then Geodude and Onyx for the player’s fight with Brock. All in all, the fan remake in 3D is very impressive, and fans of the original Pokemon title would likely enjoy getting their hands on and playing this remaster if and when Pokebro decides to complete and release it for the public.

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