IEM Rio Major Will Have Live Audiences in Every Stage!

The upcoming Brazilian CS:GO tournament, IEM Rio Major, will have live audiences at every stage of the tournament. The organizers have also increased the spectator capacity to respond to more requests. More people will be able to straightforwardly watch the matches from the stage.

The tournament’s Legends and Challenger stages will last eight days in Rio Centro Hall 6. Following the arrangements, the live crowd will be given access for 12 days instead of 4 days. The fans will be accompanied by Alexandre “gAuLeS” Borba during the event. The Challengers stage will take place from October 31 to November 5. Following that, the Legends stage will be held on November 5-8.

A 360-degree center stage will be installed at the Jeunesse Arena to almost double the number of spectators, and this setup will be a first in the history of ESL CS:GO. This new arrangement will take place for the first time on the Champions stage at the Jeunesse Arena from November 10-13.

The IEM Rio Major will begin on October 31 and finish on November 13. Throughout the event, 32 European teams, 16 American teams, and 4 Asian – Oceanian teams will participate. 16 teams will fight in the Challengers stage, while 8 teams will compete in the Legends stage.

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