IEM Rio Major Prize pool increased – now Second largest CS: GO Prize pool


IEM Rio Major Prize pool increased – now Second largest CS: GO Prize pool


The only Major with a greater prize pool was the PGL Stockholm Major in 2021.

ESL has increased the prize pool of IEM Rio Major to $1,250,000 catapulting it to become the second-highest prize pool in CS: GO Major history. The decision also means every team in attendance at the Major will receive prize money irrespective of their placements.

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The Rio Major’s prize pool has now increased by $1,250,000. Image Credit: ESL. 

The only CS: GO Major that featured a higher prize pool than IEM Rio Major was the Stockholm Major with a $2 million prize pool. The Stockholm Major took place in 2020 in a year that saw only one CS: GO Major and the combined prize pool of both the Majors. NAVI won the PGL Stockholm Major, the end of a dominant run throughout the year.

The additional $250K is being reallocated from the IEM Road to Rio prize pool ($240K plus an additional $10K). 

Previously, the minimum placement (17th-24th) had no prizing allocated – that’s been raised to $10,000 each, and the remainder is distributed across 2nd-16th place.


CS: GO Majors featured a prize pool of $250,000 up until MLG Columbus which featured a million-dollar prize pool. Subsequent Majors have featured a prize pool of a million dollars. IEM Rio Major will be the first Major with a higher prize pool (PGL Stockholm Major was an exception). 

The IEM Rio Major

The IEM Rio Major will be the first CS: GO Major in Brazil. The tournament will feature a massive audience as ESL has opened the group stages to a live audience as well. Alongside the live attendance, fans can also take part in Gaules’ fan festival alongside the event. As one of the biggest content creators in CS: GO, Gaules commands a massive fanbase. His fanfest is sure to draw large crowds at the event and will be an unique opportunity.

IEM Rio Major will take place from October 31 to November 13 and feature 24 of the best CS: GO teams in action. The Challengers and Legends stage will take place at the Riocentro, The Champions stage will take place at the Jeunesse Arena from November 10-13, 2022. 

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