Idle Raids of Dice Heroes



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Greetings mechanics and tinkerers!

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Today I bring you an idle game that uses dice in a kind of D&D game. This game isn’t bogged down with all the ads you play on this app. This game does not have an arbitrary energy system and you can play as much as you want. You can only collect 6 hours of offline time and you can watch an optional ad to double your income. 

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You start off the game with a basic unit. It isn’t the strongest unit there is but it is balanced and had a very low critical win or fail chance. You can click on the raid button to start a raid a little faster if you are actively watching the game but other than leveling up characters, there are no interactive features to this game.

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As far as I can tell there is no upper limit to the level you can reach for a character but every 100 levels the unit gains a star and seemingly a multiplayer boost to the amount of gold they can find.

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Here we take a quick spin to the options menu by clicking on the gear. The Achievements are hidden behind this menu for some reason and as far as I can tell you do not gain any in-game bonuses for completing them.

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Even though this is an endless idle game, there is in fact a finite number of missions you unlock. This acts as a control that directs what you unlock as you play on. In the end, you gain 5 or 6 different quest givers. I feel this is an interesting way to give you visual progress of your adventure.

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There is a finite amount of units you can buy. There are 9 per biome and 3 biomes. Each warrior gets a boost depending on the area you are in. Depending on what quest you are working on, you can have all 9 characters on the scene getting you the maximum amount of gold per area. The problem is the initial unlocking of the units is through quests but the last 3 in each group require the premium diamonds to buy. These diamonds are rarely given on login with an ad or from completing quests. The rare warriors give you the highest chance to gain lucky raids and multiply your gold.

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Sometimes when you raid, you can collect rare items. You will save these to complete quests but once all of those quests are completed, you can then sell all the items for diamonds. This is by far the best way to farm diamonds for free.

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The map of the game offers a finite area with increasing danger. Each area has a chance that raises the rate your raids will fail. You can mitigate that with the upgrades in the next screenshot, but only to a point. Each area of the map has different items you gain for quests.

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As you level up units, you can unlock upgrades per playthrough. These give you boosts based on better raids or even opening up slots for more units. You can see all the upgrades you have by clicking on the See all button. 

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You can access the shop by the trophy on the bottom of the screen Here you can pay to buy things with real money or you can click on the heroes tab to bring up the next screenshot. This game seems to have very affordable prices on permanent buffs. I do not know why the achievements are not in this tab.

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Here is a sample of some of the legendary heroes you can buy with diamonds. The Driade (should be spelled as Dryad,) is one of the best units you can buy with the highest luck. I would recommend buying the Driade and the most expensive ones first. 

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Lastly, on the bonus screen, you have an option to prestige. This resets your game to a point. All levels reset to 1 and you keep all the other progress. You have to rehire each hero again but it doesn’t take long to get through this game. 


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Overall this game is a nice time waster. There isn’t much in the way of interactivity but there is a lot to unlock as the game plays itself. There isn’t much going on that keeps you coming to this game, like events or such.


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  0 of 5 cogs.

There is no story in this game. I feel if this game had some story added to it, it would make this a richer game to play.

Amount of ads:




optional only

This game has only optional ads. This is nice as id doesn’t eat your data or bog you down with annoying ads.

Accurate Advertising?:


I do not recall seeing any video ads for this game but the screenshots in the App store seem to be accurate as well. Certified clickbait free.


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 5 of 5 cogs.

The graphics are crisp and simple. The portraits for the heroes are highly detailed and give depth to the game. The rest of the graphics give a clear and concise view of everything and make it easy to navigate the game.


 3 of 5 cogs.

At this moment, this is an infinite game with a finite goal. You can easily play through and do everything in I estimate a month at max. I don’t see anything that will keep you playing beyond that.

Free play:


Fun factor:

📉 rapid falloff.

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