Humble Choice Members Can Look Forward to 8 Free Titles in December 2022 Such as Wasteland 3, Greedfall and More


Humble Choice is one of the most loved places for internet users to get incredible games, books, and programming material for as little as possible in the form of bundles. Humble Choice is also known for giving free games to its members every month. Humble Choice is a paid membership with a base expense set at USD 11.99 (approximately INR 1000) each month. For the long stretch of December 2022, Humble Bundle has arranged 8 PC titles for the Humble Choice individuals.

Wasteland 3

Enter this RPG set in a post-nuclear world where you work towards protecting Arizona and rebuild a long-lost society. In an attempt to secure aid from the Patriarch of Colorado radios, you take on a quest to rescue a land from his three ambitious and treacherous children. This quest will show you different worlds of the game, from scorching deserts to the snowy mountains.

Players will have to build a base from scratch, train recruits and fight against approaching enemies. The player’s decision will affect their reputation and also impact the region of Colorado. Players can also take control of a battle truck that can be upgraded with all sorts of weapons.


Another RPG for you to try out, but this time the world is filled with magic, riches, lost secrets and amazing creatures. Player will forge their world’s destiny, decide their companions and factions they wish to support. Additionally, players will have complete freedom in character progression and customisation. They will also be greeted by supernatural beings and “manifestations of the island’s earthly magic”.

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First Class Trouble

First Class Trouble is described as a party title, where players need to work together towards finding a solution for the situation. The players are pitted together in a situation where they need to survive a disaster. You will get the chance to either step into the shoes of human Residents or play the role of rebellious Personoids.

Either way, using your intellect to deduce or deceive your way to victory are the only ways to go. The end goal will be to shut down the Central Artificial Intelligence Network, also known as CAIN before the Personoids take control.

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In this title, step into a post-noir themed narrative adventure, where you play the role of raccoon private eye, Howard Lotor. Players will explore a dystopian world which inhabited with only animals and a story that will move you. Backbone has been inspired by “film noir, weird sci-fi, post-soviet aesthetics, modern political regimes, the works of Lynch and Kaufman, and existential philosophy of Sartre.” Backbone is a 2D side scrolling title.

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In this adventure, players will explore a hand-drawn, black-white themed world from the eyes of a photographer. They will use their lens to capture picturesque images and also uncover the mysteries hidden throughout the land. Players will also interact with other characters by clicking their snaps and receive clues towards solving the mysteries.

back bone 1 ypk6

Where the Water Tastes Like Wine

In this narrative-based adventure, players will set foot on various journeys where they will share their stories and survive destiny. Another world that has been hand-drawn and takes advantage of both 3D and 2D formats. The land they will be exploring is the United States, set in the Depression Era. The stories they collect through their journey will work as in-game currencies. Explore the most powerful stories, the true ones which reveal something about their own lives.

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Blade: Assault

Another Dystopian era for you to explore, but this time with a Cyberpunk theme. It is a 2D action rogue-lite platformer with pixel artwork. The Red Stone War has created three regions, that include the mutants, the Undercity and the Sky City of Esperanza. Players will have to fight the corrupt military from Esperanza and help their friends from the Undercity. Players will find weapons and skills that they can transform and upgrade through out their journey.

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Super Magbot

Another 2D side-scroller where players will work against the great peril and evil in the system of Magnetia. Everybody has laid their hopes on one robot explorer which you play as, Magbot. Players will take control of both positive (red) and negative (blue) magnetic polarities, and blast through the various challenging platforming environments. Their main goal will be to save their home planet of MagTek.



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