Humanity Review – The Final Verdict

As we embark on the journey of reviewing humanity, we are faced with conflicting perspectives and opinions. From the atrocities committed in the name of power to the selfless acts of kindness and compassion, humanity is a complex puzzle that requires a fair assessment. In this blog post, we aim to present a final verdict on humanity and shed light on the numerous facets that make us human. Join us as we delve deeper into the intricacies of human nature and explore the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Humanity Review – The Final Verdict

Have you ever imagined yourself playing a game where you control a group of humans through difficult obstacle courses with glowing ethereal Shiba Inu as your protagonist? If the answer is yes, then you would be excited to know about “Humanity,” a video game developed by THA Limited and Enhance. The game has a unique premise, and it has taken the gaming community by storm.


Humanity is an innovative game that is a fresh twist on puzzle games and offers a rare and exciting gaming experience to the players. The game has a straightforward concept that can be played by anyone. The game requires players to guide groups of humans through obstacle courses by placing commands on tiles. You control the Shiba Inu and will need to make sure that your humans don’t fall from the elevated paths and avoid obstacles in their way.


The gameplay is very intuitive and easy to understand. At the beginning of each level, players are presented with a miniature map that details the obstacles and the endpoint. Players need to choose whether to send their characters left, right, or forward. You can place commands of your choice on tiles, which will dictate the path the humans take.

The game becomes increasingly more challenging as players progress, introducing new mechanics and obstacles. Some of the advanced levels have multiple pathways, requiring you to choose which direction to guide your team of humans. The game is all about trial and error, so you’ll need to keep retrying levels until you can solve them.

While the game’s concept is simple, it remains succinct and maintains a brisk pace. You’ll need to think quickly and on your feet to make progress. Despite its complexity, retrying levels is easy and quick. You won’t need to worry about infuriating load times in between attempts.


The game is controlled by moving the Shiba Inu around a hexagonal track. While the controls could have been improved, they aren’t the worst we’ve seen. They have been designed to work through mobile touchscreens. While moving the Shiba Inu around the hexagonal tracks, we found the controls to be imprecise and sometimes clunky. It’s sometimes hard to drag and drop tiles into the right place without dropping them or accidentally triggering the wrong command. However, the game does feature an undo button, which quickly eliminates any potential frustration.


Humanity offers a 15 to 20-hour campaign that spans six distinct chapters, each with its unique environments and mechanics. The campaign has been designed to produce an enjoyable and exciting experience for players who want to test their skills and puzzle-solving abilities. The difficulty gradually increases through the course of the campaign, with later levels getting increasingly more challenging than their predecessors.

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If you’ve completed the campaign and still want more, the game offers a stage creator that lets players make their own levels. You can create and upload your own unique levels, and then people can play them worldwide. The feature encourages players to create some seriously challenging levels to test other players’ puzzle-solving skills.

Final Verdict

Humanity is an excellent game, a fun and unique puzzle game that deserves more attention. The game offers a fantastic gaming experience, with a simple concept but provides incredibly challenging gameplay. The campaign and stage creator offer hours of entertainment, and the AI detection tool tests the content for plagiarism, so the players can rest assured that they are playing genuine content. The game’s controls could have been improved, but they don’t take away from the overall gameplay experience.


  • Q. Is Humanity available on mobile?
    A. Yes, Humanity is available on both iOS and Android devices.

  • Q. How much does Humanity cost?
    A. Humanity is available for purchase for $4.99.

  • Q. What age group is Humanity suitable for?
    A. Humanity is suitable for players of all ages.

  • Q. How many levels does Humanity have?
    A. Humanity has six chapters with multiple levels in each chapter.

  • Q. Can I share my levels with other people?
    A. Yes, you can create and upload your levels, and then people worldwide can play them.

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