How To Win More CSGO Skins


Published 2022-10-11 13:30

Since the introduction of the “Arms Deal” update, CS:GO players can drop a broad variety of skins and completely change the aesthetics of in-game items like weapons, knives, and gloves.

This concise guide is a follow-up on our previous guide about making money on CS:GO. Here you will discover easy methods to win more CS:GO skins without in-game drops or expensive purchases on marketplaces.

Winning More CSGO Skins in 2022

Updated Solutions

It is not hard to find online tutorials listing different ways to obtain CS:GO skins, but many of these so-called “guides” are paid and do not represent honest reviewers.

Instead of going in the standard direction, this short-but-solid guide is focused exclusively on realistic and easy methods that allow you to get CS:GO skins without working your guts out or exposing yourself to scams.

Here’s a set of ways to get CS:GO skins in 2022:

CSGO Gambling Sites

Many people think that you can only win skins on CSGO gambling sites if you deposit money and play games to have a chance of dropping a low to medium-tier skin. However, it is not true. Several well-established CS:GO gambling sites allow players to indulge in no-deposit bonuses like free cases or free coins. With a free case, you can drop a skin without paying a dime for it.

If you get free coins, you can bet on CS:GO games and get the prize in the form of skins – all done for free!

What about the quality and value of the skins? Depending on the website you decide to join to wager on CS:GO games, you will get high-tier skins based on the ranking requirements or VIP clubs.

Another method to get good skins is facing other CS:GO players duels or case battles. Depending on the requirements involved in the game, users must either deposit skins or cases with the chance to get the opponent’s wager after a win.

However, it will require you to deposit skins or money (fiat/crypto) and wager on games. If you are interested in having loads of fun, depositing skins, and getting skins as rewards when you win, CS:GO gambling sites are the way to go.

Some websites give you skins as a reward for completing small tasks or taking part in paid surveys. Depending on the chosen site, the tasks might look like this:

• Subscribing to different social media channels

• Watching videos

• Playing mini-games

• Testing software

• Testing mobile apps

• Answering queries

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Upon completion of surveys and tasks, users generally get points. These points accumulate as users keep completing more and more activities, to the point that they can get skins or free money in exchange.


Different websites regularly have skin giveaways, including CS:GO gambling sites, CS:GO marketplaces, and cashout sites. Even some Discord channels often have giveaways available for members, which shows how realistic the possibility is to drop a good one.

Some websites require users to enter a unique code to claim promotional offers, especially platforms with solid reward programs for referrals. After drafting a list of websites that offer generous giveaways, follow them closely to be notified as soon as a new opportunity is available.

How To Win More CSGO Skins – Summary

Considering they are purely cosmetic items, CS:GO skins will not affect your skill set or performance. Regardless of the practical aspect, skins can be highly valuable assets depending on their rarity, float, and how beautiful they look.

Whether you want to bulk up your inventory or get skins for whatever purpose, this short guide will certainly help you do it correctly.



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