How To Use Perks In Dead By Daylight

You can beat even the most brutal Killer builds using the best Survivors and Perks in Dead by Daylight. We have a guide with everything you need to know, whether you’re looking for the best Perk make or deciding which DBD Survivor to play as your primary. In Dead by Daylight, you can choose from a growing list of Survivors and Killers. 

However, some clear frontrunners will give you the best chance of making it through the night. Sadako Rising adds a new Killer, The Onry, and a new Survivor, Yoichi, so you’ll need some great Perks to stay alive. As you work with your teammates to avoid an untimely death, you’ll need to use your skills to turn on generators, avoid a scary enemy, and help your teammates get out through the Exit Gates.

The best advantages for survivors in Dead by Daylight

We’ve listed 8 of the best Perks for Survivors that you can use in your next DBD match, from David King’s Dead Hard to Laurie Strode’s Decisive Strike, and why these are so helpful.

Claudette Morel: Self-Care is an excellent perk for a Survivor of DBD. It lets you heal without using a Med-Kit, but only at half the average speed. This is a must-have if you’re out of Med-Kits and need to use them immediately.

David King: “Dead Hard” is an excellent choice because it makes you temporarily invulnerable while you dash forward to get farther away from the Killer and avoid an attack.

Felix Richter: Visionary lets the user see the auras of generators within a 32-meter radius. This is very helpful if you’re a new player running on a map you don’t know or if you want to find your way around.

Feng Min: This Survivor is also great for people who are new to DBD, and her Technician perk will help ease the gut-wrenching fear you’ll probably feel all the time. If you wear this, the Generator won’t blow up if you fail a skill check.

Dwight Fairfield: As one of the first Survivors of DBD, his Leader bonus boosts their Cleansing, Healing, Opening, Sabotaging, Unhooking, and Unlocking Action speeds.

Laurie Strode: “Decisive Strike” is a great “get out of jail free” card that is activated when you are unhooked. You can automatically escape their grasp after you pass a skill check, which stuns the Killer for 5 seconds. This is very helpful if a Killer is trying to tunnel you.

Meg Thomas: All of Meg’s benefits are great, but Adrenaline is a must. It heals you one Heal State when the Exit Gates are open and lets you run at 150% for 5 seconds.

William “Bill Overbeck”: “Borrowed Time” gives your ally the “Endurance” status effect when you unhook them. This means that damage that would typically put them in the “Dying” state won’t kill them but instead triggers a “Deep Wound.” Once they are active, they have 20 seconds to heal.

All of the above Perks can be taught to any DBD Survivors after they unlock the Teachable skill at the appropriate level or buy it from the Shrine of Secrets, but these are still great choices for each of these characters while they are trying to get them. Play around with the above Perks and others in the game to make powerful builds that can take on even the most aggressive Killer.

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The best way to build perks in Dead by Daylight

Even though all of the above Perks are good choices to unlock in your favorite Survivor’s Bloodweb, we think you should make sure your build has at least two of the following:

Decisive Strike in DBD: Laurie Strode: Whether you’re a new player, this Perk for Survivors in DBD lets you escape from the Killer’s grip if you pass a Skill Check. This stuns the Killer for 5 seconds, giving you a small time window to get away.

Borrowed Time in DBD: William “Bill” Overbeck: This lets unhooked players resist damage that would typically put them in the Dying State, giving them a small window of time to heal.

Adrenaline Meg Thomas in DBD: This will increase your sprint speed by 150%, giving you a better chance of getting out once the Exit Gates are open.

Spine Chill in DBD: In general, if the Killer is within 36 meters of you and looks in your direction, you will hear a tingling sound. Then, your action speed goes up by 2%, 4%, or 6%, and your skill checks chances go up by 10%, but your success rate goes down by 10%. This is great because it gives you a better idea of where the Killer is, making it easier to plan your route. This works together with Resilience, which is explained further down.

Resilience in DBD: General: When you are in the Injured State, your speeds for Cleaning, Healing, Opening, Repairing, Sabotaging, Unhooking, and Vaulting go up by 3/6/9%.

Kindred in DBD: General: If you’re a solo player, this Perk will usually help you the most if you use it in your build. While you or another player is hooked, you can see the Auras of every other player. This includes the Killer when they are within 8, 12, or 16 meters of the hooked player. If you’re playing with a group and can talk to each other, you can probably skip this one.

Dead Hard in DBD: David King: If you’re a confident player who likes to use a high-speed chase to keep the Killer from focusing on other Survivors, Dead Hard is an excellent game for you. It’s also great for making you feel like you can’t be hurt for a while. When you’re hurt, you can dash forward by pressing the Active Ability button. This lets you avoid a Killer’s attack or get ahead of them in the distance. But since it’s an Exhaustion Perk, the status effect will last for 60/50/40 seconds, so you’ll require to be careful about using it.

Iron Will by Jake Park in DBD: Iron Will lowers your Grunts of Pain by 50/75/100% at each of its three Tiers, making it harder for Killers to figure out where you are at any given time. This is useful for both sneaking around and being chased.

Self-Aware in DBD: General: Self-Aware is excellent for Survivors in DBD when combined with Perks like Iron Will. With a 10/50/20% speed boost while walking, you won’t feel like running unless you need to. You’ll also be able to see your Scratch Marks, which will help you make better decisions about using them to keep your Killer away from where you are.

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