How to Survive in Dragon Ball: The Breakers


Dragon Ball: The Breakers is an asymmetrical multiplayer game in which a team of seven survivors must team up to escape from one of the many great villains from Dragon Ball history. Sadly, survivors won’t get to play as Goku or any of the series’ other super-powered heroes, though they will be able to use some of their most iconic attacks if they play their cards right.

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Though it’s pretty normal for survivors to feel both underpowered and underwhelming in an asymmetrical multiplayer game, the ones in Dragon Ball: The Breakers can often feel much flimsier than most when players are first starting out. Thankfully, these beginner tips for survivors can help to level the playing field a lot faster, making it much easier for players to survive against even the deadliest of raiders.


Learn How and When to Use Skills

Understanding how and when to use skills is an essential part of surviving in Dragon Ball: The Breakers. Though they can also be useful for general map traversal, players will usually want to save active skills for moments when they need to make a speedy getaway from a raider, such as straight after setting a power key or in the moments leading up to an area being destroyed.

Given how vulnerable survivors are, it should go without saying that being able to escape from raiders is very important. The Grappling Device is arguably the most useful skill in this regard, though Change, the Floating Device, and Solar Flare can also come in handy in certain situations. With a little bit of practice, players will soon learn the strengths and weaknesses of each.

Keep the Change Gauge Full

As well as using active skills to escape from a raider, survivors can also use the change function in order to transform and utilize the abilities of their three chosen Dragon Ball heroes. Doing so will allow players to dish out some serious damage to the raider if they know what they’re doing, but it’s also a great tool for those looking to flee from battle.

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While transformed, survivors will be able to fly, allowing them to put a lot of distance between themselves and a raider or draw raiders away from a downed teammate or objective to allow others to swoop in. With this in mind, players should always be on the lookout for Change Power cubes or civilians, the latter of whom will typically drop small Change Power cubes upon being rescued.

Play the Objectives

It should perhaps go without saying, but teamwork really is the key to success in Dragon Ball: The Breakers. In fact, given its status as one of the more difficult asymmetrical multiplayer games out there at the time of its release, this really can’t be emphasized enough. Without cooperation, survivors have very little chance of escaping death.

With this in mind, survivors should focus on finding and setting keys so as to help out the rest of the team. They’ll also want to keep an eye out for downed teammates and make a real effort to revive them when it’s practical to do so. Things can very difficult with a team of seven, but surviving becomes almost impossible once three or four of the survivors have been taken out by the raider.

Know When to Leave an Ally Behind

Sometimes, raiders will shoot a survivor out of the sky and not know exactly where their body has landed, in which case, a rescue can usually be pulled off without too much trouble. However, in the event that a raider knows where a survivor has fallen and opts not to finish them off right away, there’s a very good chance that they’ll be lurking nearby to pick off any would-be rescuers.

With a little bit of teamwork, players can distract a raider for long enough to pull off a daring rescue, but, against all but the most useless of raiders, solo rescuers will likely end up suffering the same fate as the person who’s already down. Sometimes, it’s therefore better to just leave a fallen teammate behind and make the most of the time that the raider wastes staking out their downed body.

Make the Most of 1st Stage Raiders

Speaking of making the most of things, players should be sure to go big on the objectives right from the get-go. This is because the raider will be at their very weakest during the first few minutes of a match, making it much easier for survivors to evade and deal damage, not to mention find and set a couple of Power Keys.

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Cell is particularly susceptible to this approach, as he’s relatively harmless while in his larva stage. He’ll automatically evolve after a minute or two though, after which, players will need to be a lot more cautious in their approach. Of course, this won’t be as much of a problem if they’ve already set a couple of keys before Cell’s first transformation.

Target Weak Raiders

As in many other asymmetrical multiplayer games, Dragon Ball: The Breakers gives each player both a survivor and raider level, making it easy for others to know when the person playing the raider is inexperienced. Survivors will definitely want to pay attention to this, as a raider’s experience level can determine the best strategy for surviving against them.

Though finding and using keys is generally the best way for survivors to succeed in Dragon Ball: The Breakers, they’ll also be victorious if they’re able to fully deplete the raider’s HP. If everyone works together, taking down a novice raider can be fairly straightforward and is usually much quicker and easier to accomplish than waiting for the Super Time Machine to start up.

Play as the Raider from Time to Time

Although most players will likely prefer the survivor experience in Dragon Ball: The Breakers, playing as the raider every now and again is a very good idea. Not only does the occasional raider match help to keep things feeling fresher for longer, but it also provides players with some extra insight into some of the strategies employed by the various raiders in Dragon Ball: The Breakers.

Even simple things, such as understanding the HUD and UI that are used by raiders can make a massive difference. Every raider is a little different too, so having a decent understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of each one can make surviving against them a whole lot easier for savvy survivors who know exactly what they’re up against and how the raider is likely to behave.

Dragon Ball: The Breakers is available on PS4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC.

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