How To Level Up Troops In Empires And Puzzles

You could not have thought you’d need a hero and troops guide for a Match-3 game, but Empires & Puzzles has RPG elements and lets players make their armies however they want. To go to “battle,” you need five heroes, one for each gem color. Then, when you match three or more gems of the same color, your opponents take damage based on the hero’s stats and troops that color represents.

Heroes also have special skills that can be used in battle outside of the “normal” way things are done. These skills can be beneficial when you’re up against bosses and other formidable enemies, but there’s a catch… Gacha is its name. Like most mobile games, not every hero is the same. To make a strong team, you need to know how to get more heroes and troops and improve the ones you already have.

How to get more heroes

In Empires and Puzzles, there are two ways to get new heroes. These things:

The Summoning Gate

Here is where you can spend all the premium currency and summoning tokens you’ve worked hard to get. There are many different pulls, each with its features and price. For instance:

  • The Daily Summon can be used for free once a day to get a 1- to 3-star hero or troop. Most of the time, the pulls from this summoning gate quickly become food for your finest heroes, so it’s never value spending premium currency in this way.
  • For 300 gems, the Epic Summon can give you a hero with three stars or more. The hero’s color is chosen by chance.
  • The Epic Troops Summon costs 200 gems per pull and will give you a 3-star or 4-star troop.
  • The Elemental Summon lets you buy a hero with at least three stars and a specific color for 300 gems. This gate changes colors every month, so it’s a great way to fill out your team when one or two of your colors aren’t doing so well.
  •  The Event Summon takes the place of Elemental Summons during events where you can buy extraordinary heroes for 300 gems each.
  • The Hero of the Month can be gotten as a bonus from the Epic Summon, the Elemental Summon, or the Event Summon. However, the drop rate is meager, so most players will have to spend real money to get it.

Training Camp

The Training Camp is another way to get new heroes, and you don’t have to use premium currency to pull. But it would help if you had a lot of food and many building upgrades before you can even get a chance at a higher-rareness hero.

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How to improve your heroes

There isn’t a good reason to spend resources on 1-star heroes most of the time unless you have to move the story along. It could be best to wait a couple of summons because 1-star heroes will be the first to go. Once you have a good hero that you want to be a part of your “core” team, it’s time to look at how you can improve them.

Leveling Up

To level up a hero, you can give them XP by feeding them up to 10 other heroes. Using the same-colored fodder for your favorite characters is a good idea because it gives them 20% more XP. 

Also, any “trainer” heroes you get from rare loot or bundles in the shop will increase your XP gain by 20% when used to feed characters of the same color. You’ll need a lot of fodder heroes and a lot of food to max out a core team member. Don’t forget to start farming this resource as soon as possible.

Improving Specific Skills

When you raise a hero’s level, there is a chance that their particular skill will get better. This can happen to a hero up to 8 times. You can increase the opportunity for skill upgrades by using heroes with higher rarity, heroes of the same color, or multiple copies of the same hero. If you use four copies of the same hero during a level-up, the character’s particular skill is guaranteed to get better.


Depending on how rare a hero is, they can be “ascended” more than once to get better stats and +1 skill. Heroes with 1 star can only reach tier 2, while heroes with 2 and 3 stars can reach tier 3. Heroes with 4 and 5 stars can reach tier 4.

Ascension requires more and more rare materials. Some of these materials can be farmed on the map, while others can only be found in Hero and Monster chests by killing titans, at events, or buying them directly.

How to Acquire and Enhance More Troops

When you set up your team in the “Heroes” menu or before a battle, you’ll notice that each of your characters has a troops slot where you can put better troops. The goal of these units is to improve specific hero stats, such as:

  • The hero did the damage or attack.
  • The hero’s defense, so enemies do minor damage to them.
  • The total amount of health a hero has.
  • The amount of health a hero gets from healing potions and other special effects.
  • The hero’s chance to hit.
  • How fast the hero’s mana comes back.

You can only get troops from Daily Summons, Epic Troops Summons, and missions spread across the map. But the only way to get 4-star troops is to buy special summons with premium currency.

Unless you pay to play, you’re probably stuck with your 2-star troops for a while. You can level them up like you do your heroes to make them a little better. In the process, you’ll eat other troops of the same color and food.

Overall, Empires & Puzzles is a very pay-to-win game. Most players complain that epic and legendary heroes are locked behind big paywalls. But you can put together a decent team that might be able to complete most PvE missions without spending any real money.

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