How To Level Up Quickly In Dying Light 2

Want to know how to level up quickly in Dying Light 2? We have the perfect guide for you! Survival games can be hard to level up in if you are a new player. It can feel harder to move forward if you don’t know the important facts. 

This kind of information can help you develop a better way to clear the game and help your adventures inside the game, just like reading our guide for people new to Dying Light 2.

When you play Dying Light 2, there are many things to think about, sometimes making you feel overwhelmed. There is also a chance that you will have to face a monster many times before you finally beat it. So, this guide will be all about how to level up quickly in Dying Light 2.

Leveling Up in Dying Light 2

There are many ways to level up in Dying Light 2. You can use the leveling system in certain ways to level up quickly, and if you can find these ways, you’ll be ready to fight the harder content. We’ve also talked about every kind of zombie and monster in the game.

As of the time this article was written, these are the best ways to level up. People will keep coming up with new tricks and bugs to speed up the process, and we will keep you informed.

Dying Light 2 Leveling Systems

Dying Light 2 differs from most games because it has three different level systems. You need to level up your combat points and your parkour points quickly. Even though this may seem like a lot by itself, there is something else you need to keep track of the levels of your weapons.

It might seem like killing large groups of zombies is the fastest way to level up, but it’s not. Your main focus should be on activities and quests to help you level up faster than anything else.

Metro Stations Unlock

As you get further into the game, you’ll see metro stations. By turning on metro stations, you will get a lot more combat points, and it will be easier to fast travel, which will save you time and help you clear the area faster.

Do a lot of Gre Anomaly.

Each map has a special arena controlled by a boss zombie in the Gre Anomalies. It’s very important to go to these places at night because the bosses won’t be there until the sun comes up again. You will also get a lot of experience once you go to the Gre Anomaly and kill the zombies there.

Consider Bandit Camps.

There are bandit camps all over the map, and players can clear them out to make safe areas. Every bandit camp gives a good amount of experience and combat points, so clearing them should be your top priority.

Chase Activate

Once you’ve played the game for a while, you’ll need to use a feature called chase whenever you can. Chase is a bar open at night and has up to 5 floors. More zombies will appear as the level of chase goes up.

Even though this might not seem good, chasing can give you a certain experience multiplier that goes up as you level up. It will be a good way to put your skills to the test. If you bother the howlers, you’ll have to run after them at night. You won’t be able to get rid of this mark until you go into a safe house or zone.

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6 Must-Know Tips for Quicker Leveling in Dying Light 2

Dying Light 2 is a great zombie role-playing game (RPG) that has caused a big stir in the gaming world. Players collect EXP to level up in this game, like in other open-world RPGs. Here are the best tips you need to remember to level up faster.

Participate in Parkour Challenges.

In Dying Light 2, the Parkour Challenge is a very popular thing to do. There are many places in Villedor where you can find this challenge. When you finish these challenges, you will get Parkour XP. Players have a certain amount of time to get to their goal. You can level up faster in this game if you get as much XP as possible.

Participate in side missions

Players need to do side missions in addition to Parkour challenges to earn XP and level up quickly. After you’ve done two or three main jobs, you’ll be able to take on side jobs. It’s a great chance for players to level up and get more XP for their skill trees. Also, these side missions help you get better at fighting and parkour.

Obtain the Night Bonus

In Dying Light 2, it’s tougher to stay alive at night. So, players will get extra XP for every challenge and mission they finish at night. If you want to level up in this game, you should do things after dusk. When players run in the dark, avoid zombies, or finish missions, they get double XP, which helps them move up in ranks faster. If you are starting, act during the day.

Loot Raids Military Supply Drops

When you steal from military supply drops, you also get a lot of XP. You can get to a high building by using your parkour and moving skills. Then, use the binoculars to look around and find places to drop supplies. People often drop these supply crates on the roofs of tall buildings and towers. If you open these crates, you’ll get a huge amount of XP.

Start Metro Stations

In zombie games like Dying Light 2, metro stations are often the best places to go. When you use these stations, you’ll get many fight points. But players can’t get to these stations until they get to the Central Loop in the second part of the game map. Then, once the metro system is turned on, you can move around the map faster using it.

Start Windmills

In Dying Light 2, players can also get more XP by turning on windmills instead of metro stations. These buildings are spread out all over the map. Players can use them as safe places to rest and store things after a fight. In these windmills, you can also buy things you need from NPCs. So, it would help if you turned on these safe places.


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