How To Level Up In Skyrim: The Best Ways To Do It

You’ll need to be strong if you want to be the Dragonborn. Skyrim is a game where levelling up is very important, especially on harder difficulties. Skyrim isn’t the game where things change based on your level. You’re a low-level weakling who gets tossed around by giants and dragons, or you’re a buff chad who swings his sword and kills everyone in your way. Giving yourself as many chances as possible to level up quickly and well is important. Here’s how to gain levels in Skyrim.

Skyrim Leveling Guide: Identify The Appropriate Stone

Standing stones are very useful, as discussed in a previous guide. The three Guardian stones are great for what we want to do because they give a 20% boost to experience in their fields. If you want to play as a certain type of character, activating the Guardian stone for that character will help you level up faster and lead you to that character in Skyrim.

Still, if you don’t have a specific play style in mind or want to try different things, the Lover Stone gives all skills a 15% experience boost. If you’re starting and don’t know which stone will work best for you, grab this one while you figure it out.

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Get Some Rest Before Leveling In Skyrim

A simple but small piece of advice is to sleep a lot. When you sleep in any bed, you get at least the “Rested” ability and a 5% increase in experience for eight hours. When you sleep in an inn or bed, you get the Well-Rested skill and a 10% boost. Then, sleeping in a home you share with your spouse gives you the ability “Lover’s Comfort” and 15% more experience for 8 hours.

This system can be taken even further with some planning. If you have the Aetherial Crown, which can store a standing stone’s ability, you can use it to store the 15% experience boost from the Lover stone. Rest in the home you share with your partner without wearing the crown for the Lover’s Comfort ability. Then put on the Aetherial Crown to get a 30% boost. The crown doesn’t stop you from taking the ability of another stone, though. So you could also get one of the Guardian stones to improve some of your skills by 50%.

Money And Items

There are more ways to ensure you level up as quickly as possible than just getting experience boosts. It is very important to make sure you have the right gear. To get better at magic, you should wear gear that lets you use spells as much as possible.

Also, to level up, you should consider how and where to use your skills. Detect Life is a changing spell that lets you see living things around you. This is a very useful spell, but if you use it in a busy city, you’ll meet more people and get more experience. Put on some magic-boosting gear and bring some potions. Then use this spell repeatedly as you wander around Riften or Solitude to become a master of change in no time.

Spend your money on materials that will help you improve your smithing and alchemy skills, or find a trainer to help you improve your skills for gold. There are a lot of things you can use to level up and get stronger.

Finally, Diversify

If I didn’t explain how levelling works, this wouldn’t be much of a Skyrim Leveling Guide, would it? Understanding how levelling works is important and the key to levelling quickly. You have a general level in Skyrim. Every time you improve one of your stats, you get to experience that goes toward your overall level. For example, if you’ve been using a one-handed weapon and your one-handed skill goes up, that will add experience to your overall level.

If you keep using one-handed weapons, you will keep improving until you reach level 100. Since it takes longer and longer to reach each level, the time between each overall level is also getting longer. Change up the gear and skills you use to raise your overall level. You might have been swording and boarding for the last forty hours, but your levelling has stopped. So, try a two-handed weapon or some spells and watch your level rise.

This is important because you get a perk point for each overall level you reach. There is a group of perks under each skill. To open these, you need a certain level of skill and one of those perk points. You can use perk points on any skill tree when you get perk points. So, if you have a few one-handed perks left but are having trouble levelling, grab those easy levels from an underused skill and use them to get the perk points you need.

That’s all we have to say about levelling up in Skyrim. If you use these tips, you should be well on making your Dragonborn the best it can be. Check out our guides for warriors, mages, and thieves to learn more about how to build your character. Or, read our guides on how to find powerful weapons early or how to make money.

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